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Proper disposal of condemned and scrapped medical equipment

  As per NABH requirements there are both technical and administrative processes involved in proper disposal of condemned medical equipment.   Equipment Disposal process Hospital management decides about quarantine or disposal  of medical equipment. Ø  Quarantining the equipment means removing it from clinical use and putting it away like: For Training For Research project etc. […]

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Myths & Facts about Radiation Safety and AERB approvals

  Myth 1 : Only Radiology technicians working regularly with X-Ray based machines need to wear TLD badges Fact : All ‘Radiation Workers’, whether technicians, doctors, nurses or any other staff who are in close contact with equipment like X-Ray, C-Arm, CT etc. and are exposed to radiation on a regular basis need to be […]

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Responsible disposal of used hospital equipment

  India has emerged as fifth largest electronic waste producer in world. Medical equipment contributes to about 8% of the annual e-waste production and it is growing. Toxins in e-waste include lead glass, batteries, as well as mercury, cadmium, chromium and ozone-depleting substances (CFCs). Electronic waste accounts for 40% of lead and 70% of heavy […]

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5 factors to consider in deciding price of used medical equipment

In a country like India, more than 90% of healthcare services are provided by small and medium-sized, doctor-promoter run hospitals/nursing homes (SMHs). These hospitals have significant budgetary constraints and cannot import or afford new health equipment from well-known brands all the time. Naturally, they are searching for an alternative that would not drain away all […]

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PrimedeQ: “Doctor Driven” Healthcare – equipment for everyone, all the time.

  Indian healthcare sector and medical changes has undergone a rapid change in India. It has become one of the largest sectors in India, both in the terms of income and employment. This has resulted in indigenous manufacturing of a range of medical equipment, hospital equipment, lab equipment varying from low to high technology for […]

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