Preowned Siemens 800mA Fluoroscopy X-Ray machine Polydoros

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Siemens 800mA Fluoroscopy X-Ray machine Polydoros-1528881394
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  • Condition
    • Used
  • Brand
    • Siemens
  • Model
    • 800mA Fluroscopy
  • Year Of Manufacture
    • Not Available
  • Country of Manufacture
    • Germany
  • Warranty(In Months)
    • 12
  • Length(cm)
  • Width(cm)
  • Height(cm)
  • Spares Availability
    • Yes
  • Battery Backup(min)
  • Amperage(amp)
  • Delivery Duration
    • 15 Days
  • After Sale Service
    • PAN India
  • Other Specifications
    • Digital unit High frequency generator with 80kW and 1000mA Maximum mAs > 500mAs. Remote controls for table movements, etc. Suitable for general radiography (including chest x-ray) and fluoroscopy Pulse fluoroscopy Fluoroscopy with automatic spot film device High capacity x-ray tube with two focal spots – 1. Not >0.6mm 2. Not >1.2mm Heat capacity – minimum 400 kHU Floating table top Table tilt +90o to -17o IITV 12” or more Camera 1K x 1K pixel (1Mega pixel) 18” Monitor with trolley in examination room and another 18” monitor in console room. Vertical Bucky with stand DICOM send, print and storage with cine loop memory Stabilizer for the entire equipment AERB type approval Minimum support for ten years Tube and generator from same manufacturer Lead glass of suitable size Optional - DSA


  • Type of X-Ray:
    • High frequency
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