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Buy and Sell used laboratory equipment such as ABG Machine, Biochemistry Analyser, Blood cell counter, Blood mixer, Centrifuge, Coagulometer, Dry Bath Incubator, ESR Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyser, Elisa Reader, HbA1c Analyser, Hematology Analyzer/Cell Counter, Hot Air Oven, Immunoanalyzer, Immunoassay Analyzer, Immunofluorescence Analyzer, Incubator, Microplate Washer, Microscope, Pipette, Protein Analyzer, Rotary Microtome Machine, Serological Water Bath, Sperm Quality Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, VDRL Shaker from several brands like Mindray, Horiba, Robonik, Remi, Apollo, Sysmex, Erba, Allengers
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