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4 things one should know about infertility treatment

    Image Credit Planning a family is critical for a couple. However, these days infertility is on the rise due to our lifestyle. Also, couples have career goals and they want to plan a baby in their late thirties and forties. In such a scenario, it becomes important for them to approach fertility clinics […]

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Assisted Reproductive Technology Lab Set up

Assisted Reproductive Technology Lab Set up IVF/ ICSI/ IUI ART Lab Setup Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) provides a solution for couples suffering from infertility. The IVF laboratory for Assisted Reproductive Technology provides optimal environment for gametes and embryos, making pregnancy possible. Laminar Air Flow Laminar airflow provides filtered air which moves along separate parallel flow planes to surgical theatres […]

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Common problems / damages in endoscope usage and possible repair

PrimedeQ offers endoscope servicing for Olympus and Pentax scopes. Contact us on +917019759765 or +918971223957 for any endoscope repair services. What are the most common endoscope repairs done? A – Rubber replacement Air/Water nozzle unclog and/or replacement Air/water channel replacement Angulation adjustment Variable stiffness adjustment Angle drive rebuild Control button replacement Light guide tube/universal cord […]

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