Medical Equipment Valuation

Finding the fair price for a used medical equipment could be a complex & tricky issue.

For a good valuation report, one needs to carry out a thorough technical as well as financial evaluation. A good valuation report is presented well and highlights all critical information so as to help in proper negotiation and decision making for acquisition, investment or purchase of any medical equipment, a diagnostic centre or even a large hospital.

Undertaking valuation assignments for medical equipment require

  1. Deep technical expertise in operating and maintaining the specific equipment,
  2. Thorough knowledge of market prices of various makes and model,
  3. In-depth understanding of market dynamics with respect to technology advancements or obsolescence and
  4. Legal and regulatory environment in which the healthcare & medical equipment industry is operating and their impact on prices.

PrimedeQ has a team of highly experienced, dedicated and very motivated professionals as well as an extensive network of experts with sound knowledge and expertise in all types of medical equipment. We help evaluate MRI, CT Scanner, Cathlabs, X-Ray, Ultrasound machines, C-Arm, Mammography and other imaging equipment or Diagnostic Laboratory equipment. We can help assess OT and ICU equipment for any hospital or even specialty equipment such as Ophthalmology, IVF, Cardiac, ENT, Physiotherapy etc.

Whether you are considering purchase of one equipment or acquisition of the whole diagnostic centre or hospital, PrimedeQ can help you find out - how much to pay!

Read our blog on Valuation Approach and issues you should beware of.

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