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Used medical equipment for emergency care

Buy and Sell used medical equipment like second-hand ambulance, patient trolley / stretcher, transport ventilator or portable ventilators etc. at PrimedeQ. 

For new equipment check out available brands like Bharath Engineering Works, Drager, GEMS, Hospitech, Mathurams, Niscomed, Philips, Smiths Medical.

As per NABH norms a hospital particularly in the emergency and ICU must have a defibrillator and ventilator to handle critically ill patients whether or not they are capable of continuing their care. All hospitals must be equipped with adequate medical equipments and trained staff to atleast triage, give first line of treatment and stabilise the patient before transfer to another centre.

Accident & Emergency departments or Casuality department in hospitals handle acute cases of poisoning, snake bite, heart attack or chest pain, severe bleeding, road accidents and trauma cases, respiratory problems, such as asthma, breathlessness, severe allergies, fire accidents/ burns, fall, unconsciousness, fits or other types of nervous breakdowns, severe mental health issues and all such issues that need immediate medical attention, failing which there may be fatalities.

Once the casuality staff makes a proper assessment of the patient, takes down proper history in the presence of patient or kins the patient could be given first line of treatment. In order to diagnose many investigations such as X-Ray, ECG, CT or MRI may be used within the “Golden Hour” so that the patient can be saved.

All hospitals and medical establishments must be equipped with adequate emergency equipment and well trained / experienced staff. PrimedeQ can help with access to new or used medical equipment and also assist in repair and procurement of spares.

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