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Used IVF Equipment

Are you looking to set up or sell an Assisted Reproductive Technology unit  popularly know as IVF clinic? Check-out listed equipment –

Craft Oocyte Aspiration Pump - ICSI or IVF procedure starts with a transvaginal oocyte retrieval procedure to extract one to several oocytes from a woman so as to fertilize the egg outside the woman’s body. Oocyte aspiration pump aids in the process of oocyte retrieval.

ICSI system – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) system is used to insert the selected sperm into the oocyte to ensure better chances of fertilization. ICSI system is a combination of a microscope and a set of micromanipulation devices, micromanipulator, microinjectors and micropipettes used to accurately and safely inject the sperm into the egg.

Stereo Zoom Microscope – IVF/ ICSI procedures are obviously microscopic procedures and hence done under an advanced microscope. Olympus, Nikon etc. are popular microscope brands used in IVF.

IVF Workstation – An IVF workstation is an enclosure and workstation providing suitable environment for IVF or ICSI. Laminar air flow devices are used to provide aseptic environment for the medical devices to maintain the clean environment and clean air with help of filtration, illumination, Noise and Vibration and vertical air flow arrangement.

Anti-Vibration Table – Since ICSI is a fine procedure performed under the microscope, handling a sperm of 3-5µm and oocyte of 100µm with utmost requirement for safety, sterility and accuracy, it is essential to ensure cancellation of any impact due to external vibrations.

CO2 Incubator - After the ICSI procedure, the oocyte will be placed into an incubator for fertilization. A CO2 incubator is used to culture this cell so as to provide it with the optimum temperature, moisture (sterile environment) and to maintain optimum pH to promote successful fertilization. Upon successful fertilization the fertilized egg is implanted into the mother or surrogates womb.   

Micromanipulator - Micromanipulators are used for Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, (ICSI) microinjection of DNA and other substances into cells, nuclear transplantation (cloning) and the positioning of microscopic electrodes on the surfaces of cells for electrophysiological measurements (patch clamping). Micromanipulators are usually used in conjunction with microscopes. Depending on the application, one or more micromanipulators may be fitted to a microscope stage or rigidly mounted to a bench next to a microscope. In ICSI procedure, a spermatozoon measuring some 3 to 5 micrometres across is injected into an oocyte of approximately 100 micrometres in diameter, under the direct manual control of an embryologist. A disposable glass micropipette is fitted to a toolholder mounted on the output of the manipulator. The tool-holder can be adjusted for different sized tools as well as the angle at which the tool is held.

Makler Counting Chamber -  The Makler counting chamber is a device for quick and accurate sperm count, motility and morphology evaluation, from undiluted specimen. Sperm count is measured as concentration in million/mL.

Check-out other equipment used in IVF such as Air Pressurizing and Purification System, CO2 Inline Filter, CO2 Regulator, Cryogenic container, Return Air Blower System, Test Tube Warmer etc.

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