Most Common Surgical Camera Repair Issues

Some of the most common surgical camera repair issues include, Camera Head Cable Damage, Damage due to improper or wrong Sterilisation Technique, Mishandling, Coupler damage/physical damage, Connector issues and connector damage, anonymous issues within the internal circuit of camera head or DVI cards of CCU and of course, the normal wear & tear. A surgical camera is an important medical equipment commonly used in various types of Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and General surgeries such as Orthopaedics, ENT, Gastro-Intestinal, Gynaecology, Neurology and many other kinds of surgeries. Surgical camera enables the surgeon to get an image of the tissue/ site where the surgery needs to be performed. Depending upon different models and types, various controls allow them to view the surgical site, take pictures and record videos etc. Given the invasive nature of function they perform, the surgical cameras are very delicate and expensive. If not properly handled, these equipment are susceptible to damage and malfunction.

surgical camera image issues

The surgical camera also forms a part of endoscopy surgery therefore used with Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes as well. Different types, models, shapes, size, and style, depending on the function and intended area of use enable a surgeon to select the type of Camera and Endoscope. Once damaged, it can be expensive to repair a surgical camera and scopes.

Some common Surgical camera issues that require repair:


  1. Improper/ Wrong Sterilisation – If the surgical camera is not sterilised properly, image becomes blurry. Residue on other parts and joints may cause further damage. Surgical cameras could be sterilised either by chemical or steam sterilisation, depending on the instruction by manufacturer. If steam sterilisation has been used when chemical/ ETO sterilisation was required for the camera as per the manufacturer, there could be damage to cable, sleeve etc.
  2. Physical hit or drop – Camera and scopes should be gently handled at all times. Any rough or careless handling could result in dropping or hitting the camera against hard surface and can cause significant damage. Inside the camera head, there are electronics mounted to a tiny glass block. If any of these components get disturbed, it can cause image issues, a static image, or an unclear image. If dropped or damaged the camera head may produce anomalies in image formation and it needs repair or replacement.
  3. Cable damage /Cut/ Crack – The cable houses several fine and delicate wires. There could be burnt or cut fibre optics or damaged cable due to other mishandling of other instruments/equipment used with it. Improper sterilisation could cause the jackets on the cable to crack or break. Wear and tear of the cable is common.
  4. Connector pin damage – Connector pin could be damaged due improper insertion and can result in poor, inconsistent images.
  5. Strain relief damage – Frequent usage or rough handling could exert pressure on the strain relief between the cable and connector hence damaging the connection.
  6. Coupler damage – A coupler further connects the scope to the camera. Doctors frequently need to change scopes, depending upon the surgery while using the same camera (and the rest of the stack). Wear and tear is easily observed in the coupler. Coupler’s snap rings could fail or take on fluid. The coupler could also be dropped, damaging its components.


Surgical camera repair

Reliable Surgical Camera Repair Services in India

Proper care and handling can extend the life of surgical cameras, but in some cases, you’ll need a reliable repair service. When it comes to customer service, technical service and all other kind of medical assistance with respect to repairs and servicing, PrimedeQ is the right place with the following types of surgical camera repairs and refurbishment:

  1. Cable assembly repair/replacement
  2. Connector pins repair/replacement
  3. Strain reliefs repair/replacement
  4. Coupler repair/replacement
  5. Camera prism blocks and optical focus replacement/ adjustments
  6. Face plate/Mounts replacement
  7. CCU repairs
  8. Camera head cable repair/replacement.

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