PrimedeQ: “Doctor Driven” Healthcare equipments for everyone, all the time.

Indian healthcare sector and medical changes has undergone a rapid change in India. It has become one of the largest sectors in India, both in the terms of income and employment. This has resulted in indigenous manufacturing of a range of medical equipments, hospital equipments, lab equipments varying from low to high technology for small, medium and large industries. With the aging population of India and crisis in finance, these facilities are making no impact on small cities and rural areas.

Healthcare equipments for everyone

PrimedeQ is an one stop destination for medical and healthcare equipments online which intent to provide all healthcare and medical facilities for the people in need.“PrimedeQ is India’s first comprehensive e-Marketplace for medical equipment and devices. We are committed to transforming the way medical equipment is purchased and taken care of today with an aim to bring down the overall cost and make it easier for all parties concerned”. This initiative is appreciated by many doctors which according to them was much needed in India. It not only just provide selling of medical equipments and spare parts but also buying and reusing it. The medical equipments from large-scale industries which has been replaced or have no use further can be automated with modern devices which can serve assistance to small scale government hospitals.

How do we help?

We facilitate buying and selling of quality Hospital equipment such as ECG machine, CT scan machine, ultrasound machine and accessories such as hospital bed, hospital Furniture, medical equipment accessories, sterilization equipment, patient monitoring system and much more.

We also buy hospital equipment from various listed sellers, which are replaceable and of no use.

We believe in best health care services for people and therefore we closely inspect every medical equipments and make sure they are in good working conditions. It is only after the inspection we put our equipments on sale. We also provide rental and valuation services.

We also provide one-time repair or annual maintenance of your medical or lab equipment, if needed. You can also call us if in case  a quick service or maintenance of your equipment is required as per the NABH standards.

PrimedeQ makes it easier to find the right hospital equipment parts and accessories by providing you a range of available equipment parts on our website and order them by paying online. The next step is door to door delivery of the medical equipments and also reconstructing spare and replaced parts to bring it for further use.

Want to buy or sell a medical equipment? PrimedeQ is at your service, one stop destination for both buying and selling hospital equipments.