Hello, I am from Malaysia, and I am currently doing a research for endoscopy maintenance and service, from your website, I found a few common endoscope repairs, may I get to know some of the uncommon repairs that might be encountered? May I know how long is the estimated duration for each repair? Thank you so much for spending your time to answer my question.

wei kitloo Posted new comment August 11, 2020

Duration of repairs can vary anywhere between 5 hours to 30 hours.
Endoscope repairs are typical example of electro-mechanical devices. Because of their mechanical nature, there is a lot of damage that can happen within and go undetected from outside.
There could huge amount of fluid ingress causing the whole circuitry to short circuit and mechanical parts to corrode. However, it may look nice and shiny outside.
Change of CCD Camera is an uncommon, expensive and cumbersome process.
If the angulation adjustment is not happening with knob, chances are that the wire may be broken. Depending on where the wire is broken or dislodged, a small reported issue of angulation not working could turn into a major repair needing to re-do the bending section & mesh etc.
Above are some examples to give you an understanding of some of the uncommon but cumbersome problems encountered while doing the endoscope repairs.

Alright, thank you so much for your insightful reply.