Biotechnology Laboratory equipment & growing Indian bioeconomy

Biotech lab equipment

Speaking after inaugurating the ‘National Plant computational Biology & Bioinformatics Facility’ at National Institute of Plant Genome Research, the Union minister of State for Science & Technology, Dr Jitendra Prasad said the Indian Bioeconomy has grown by 12 times  in the last 10 years to a $120 Billion economy today, as reported by Medical Buyer. This automatically means three is huge potential for biotechnology laboratory equipment in near future.

The field of biotechnology encompasses technological products, solutions and applications that are related to or are applied to the natural science of biology, the study of life and living organisms. Genetics and genetic engineering is closely related to biotechnology field. This is because understanding the makeup and function of genes is the foundation of genetic engineering, biotechnology and biosciences. Almost all work in the biotechnology domain involve, identification, amplification, manipulation or modification of genetic material such as DNA or RNA etc.

Main areas of Biotechnology

The main areas of Biotechnology are related to Medical biotechnology, Agriculture biotechnology, Marine biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Food biotechnology etc. There are many other areas such as green initiatives, control global warming, saving the environment, reducing pollution, improving dessert ecology etc. – all of which involve biotechnology in some forms.  

  • Medical biotechnology – Medical biotechnology mainly involves diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of various diseases. Human health is the main focus of this area of biotechnology. Molecular biology applications in lab include detection of various pathogens, genetic markers (bio-markers) for diseases, developing personalised medicines suited for certain genetic make-up (pharmacogenomics), Prenatal foetal heath testing for genetic disorders etc. are areas widely developed today. Additionally, DNA finger-printing in forensic sciences is also widely used. There are several labs set-up in the last 2-3 years during COVID-19 and many are re-orienting their purpose towards other medical and even agriculture biotechnology domains. This is a good time to look for used biotechnology laboratory equipment for start-ups.
  • Agriculture biotechnology – Agriculture biotechnology mainly involved food production, both plant and animal based. With increase in population globally, more and more efficient methods of food production is an area of huge focus. The plant biotechnology includes work in the development of genetically modified crops (GMO), improving food yield, development of plants that can serve as renewable raw materials for fuel and energy production, animal farming and breeding etc.
  • Marine Biotechnology – Marine biotechnology involves exploration and exploitation of resources and materials found in the ocean. Marine resources are used in many industries, from healthcare and cosmetics to food and fuels, hence providing valuable raw material for many other areas.
  • Industrial Biotechnology – Industrial biotechnology involves streamlining/ improving industrial processes with an objective of making it more efficient, reducing wasteful and makes it more sustainable and environment friendly. The industrial processes could be in the area of food processing, pharma, biofuels etc.

Biotechnology Laboratory Equipment

While specific equipment may vary from area to area some equipment are commonly used in all Biotechnology labs. These include:

PCR machine, nucleic acid extraction, thermocyclers, Electrophoresis machine, Spectrophotometers, centrifuges, incubators, laminar airflow, hot air oven, microscopes, analysers, shakers, mixers, autoclaves and various other apparatus. Check out all types of used biotechnology laboratory equipment including food and tablet testing machine.

The popular brands in biotechnology equipment are – Thermofischer Scientific (Applied Biosystem), Bio-Rad, Alta, Qiagen, Abbot, Sigma-Aldrich etc. for PCR systems, Nucleic Acid Extractor, Electrophoresis machine, Thermocyclers, spectrophotometer etc. Neuation, Remi for centrifuges, Apollo and Biobee for incubators, water bath and autoclaves, Genesys, Genlaf biosafety cabinets and laminar airflow machines, Bluestar, Celfrost etc for freezers and deep freezers, Olympus, labomed for microscope etc.


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