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Medical Equipment for Molecular Diagnostics Lab

Molecular Diagnostics Lab Equipment List

What Is Molecular Diagnostics? Molecular lab testing involves using various techniques for the detection and/or quantification of specific biological markers in the human, viral, and microbial proteome and genomes. Diseases are identified by studying DNA, RNA, and proteins in fluid or in a tissue, for the DNA or RNA sequences they encode. What are the […]

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X-Ray tube repair & common causes of tube failure

Replacing an x-ray tube can be expensive. If your x-ray tube has sustained some damage, the first thought that may occur is – Is it repairable? The most common x-ray tube repair involves replacing the oil inside the tube housing and removing any air, gases, particles that could cause arcing. This helps re-establish vacuum inside […]

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Guide to Sell Used Cathlab at Best Price

Philips FD10 Cathlab

Are you looking to sell your used cathlab machine? May be you are upgrading and wish to sell the current system, which is in good working condition. You probably want to sell the existing used Cathlab machine directly to another hospital in smaller location, to get a better price than the buy-back offer you are […]

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Medical Equipment Leasing or Rental in India

When you start a hospital, owning all the medical equipment may seem to be the most normal thing to expect. However, high upfront costs or investment means this option is not for everyone. Not everyone has the funds to deploy all upfront. This is especially true of a group of young doctors joining hands. They […]

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Top 4 faults in ECG machine and repair issues

ECG machine repair issues

ECG (Electrocardiograph) machines are commonly used in clinics and hospitals to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart. The ECG thus recorded may be displayed on an in-built monitor and/or printed out on paper for use by a physician. However this simple machine may sometimes give trouble and not work properly. What are […]

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Equipment Planning for Small and Medium Pathology Lab

Diagnostic Lab equipment

Planning for a small or medium diagnostic pathology lab? Wondering where to get a diagnostic lab equipment list and their cost estimates? Have a limited set of tests in scope and cannot decide which equipment to buy? If yes, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you with equipment planning […]

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Medical Equipment Auction – 5 Tips to Win

Medical Equipment Auction

Good quality ‘Pre-owned’ or used medical equipment are hard to come by. Let’s say, after months of searching, you’ve found an upcoming medical equipment auction where most of your requirements are listed. And then, when the auction starts, you find many other bidders for competition, with the same hopes of striking a good deal, as […]

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Difference between Electro Surgery Unit (ESU) & Cautery Machine

ESU machine or cauery machine

What is the difference between “electrocautery” and “electrosurgery”?   ESUs or Electrosurgical Units are commonly referred to as cautery machine. Are there any differences between a cautery machine or ESU? “Cauterization” is the process of destroying tissue. This process may be used to kill certain types of small tumors, destroy skin growths or to seal-off […]

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Ortho Drill – Pneumatic, Electric or Battery operated?

Surgical Ortho drill and tools

An Ortho drill is a pneumatic or electric device that is used by an orthopedic surgeon to make holes in bones for fixing immobilization screws, wires, plates, implants and fitting prosthetic devices etc. If you have had a fracture, the treatment will involve ensuring all the bone parts are properly set and held together in […]

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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) or SonoEndoscope Repair


Sonoendoscopes or Endoscopic Ultrasounds are expensive and relatively fragile. These equipment need good care and proper handling is important. The fiber-optic cables are fragile and easily damaged. Most common damages or defects in endoscopic ultrasound machines are blockages, leakages, angulation, image quality issues etc. Endoscopic ultrasound repair services are available in India – Air or […]

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