List of Veterinary Equipment for a Clinic or Hospital

List of Veterinary equipment

What are Veterinary Clinic Equipment?

More and more people today are adopting pets. As the pet population is increasing, so is a need for veterinary clinics. Most of the veterinary equipment are similar to those used for human beings. Some medical needs of animals may differ a little bit, hence there are a few specialised equipment too. Here is a comprehensive list of veterinary equipment for a modern practice whether it is a small vet clinic or large veterinary hospital treating all sorts of animals.

Veterinary equipment for examination & basic diagnostics

When a veterinary clinic receives an animal which is unwell, the first activity is to examine the animal and diagnose the problem. This includes checking the vitals, examine the wounds/ injuries or ears and eyes as the case may be. As in case of any out-patient clinic, the following basic equipment are required in a veterinary clinic. Specialised extensions are available for examining very small or furry animals.

While a small weighing scale such as used for infants would be appropriate for small animal, for large animal a walk-on weighing scale would be required as shown in the adjacent image. Stethoscopes that can help examine through furs and thick hides are also useful

Veterinary Equipment for Advanced Diagnostics

  1. Veterinary stethoscopes
  2. Thermometer
  3. Ophthalmic and aural examinations
  4. Exam and procedure tables
  5. Weighing Scales / Walk-on weighing scale

X-Ray machines and Ultrasound machines are frequently used to carry-out further investigations as necessary. Some large set-ups also use CT, MRI or endoscopy equipment.

The X-Ray machine specifications may vary depending on the kind of veterinary patients being treated in the facility. Most commonly a 60-100mA X-Ray may suffice for most animals. For smaller animals smaller X-rays of 20-32mA capacity may be required and for larger animals such as cows and buffalos a 300-800mA machine may be necessary. The trolley or buckey table size also differs based on the patient size. Accessories, such as compression bands, handles and fixing clamps for holding ties etc. would be required to keep the animal in position. All the precautions related to radiation exposure needs to be taken.

  1. Veterinary Ultrasounds
  2. Digital X-Ray machines

There are several brands of ultrasound machines specialising in veterinary such as GE logiq V2, GE Logiq e, Esaote MyLab etc. Again as in X-Ray machine, depending on the animals being treated suitable tranducers need to selected based on frequency and size.

Veterinary Exam table
Vet examination Table
Walk-on weighing scale
Walk-on weighing machine

List of veterinary equipment for Surgical procedures

If any minor procedure or surgical procedure needs to be done, the following treatment room or operating room equipment may be required:

  1. Anaesthesia machine
  2. Veterinary Surgical Instruments
  3. OT Table
  4. OT Light
  5. Veterinary Dental Equipment
  6. Cautery machine
  7. Emergency Equipment
  8. Autoclaves and sterilizers
  9. Endoscopic Instrument

V-top surgical tables are commonly used in veterinary hospitals to position the animal patient properly for the ease of performing surgeries at various sites and draining fluids etc.

Intensive Care for animals

If the veterinary patients need intensive care specialised equipment such as monitors, infusion pumps, warming units are required.

  1. Monitors
  2. Infusion/ Syringe pumps
  3. Warming Unit

Laboratory equipment

More often than not, laboratory tests are outsourced. However, in large facilities basic stat lab equipment such as microscope and centrifuges may be available.

  1. Incubators
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Microscope
  4. Centrifuge

Other special veterinary equipment

Boarding cages are necessary in vet clinics and hospitals for safekeeping of small pets at the clinic/ hospital. – Boarding Cages

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