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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) or SonoEndoscope Repair


Sonoendoscopes or Endoscopic Ultrasounds are expensive and relatively fragile. These equipment need good care and proper handling is important. The fiber-optic cables are fragile and easily damaged. Most common damages or defects in endoscopic ultrasound machines are blockages, leakages, angulation, image quality issues etc. Endoscopic ultrasound repair services are available in India – Air or […]

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What is endoscopy? What are the different organs examined using an endoscope?


Endoscopy is an umbrella term used for the various invasive procedures which involve using an endoscope to examine the interior of an organ (such as kidney) or a cavity (such as mediastinum) of the body. This is an invasive procedure as the endoscopes are inserted directly into the organ for diagnostic and / or therapeutic […]

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Top 12 used or refurbished medical equipment in demand, in India

Used, second-hand, pre-owned or refurbished medical equipment

Used equipment may be addressed by several names such as second-hand, pre-owned, refurbished, reconditioned etc. Used medical equipment market in India is said to be 30% of sales in private sector. More and more hospitals are coming up in tier-II & III towns and most of these hospitals serve patients looking for affordable treatment and […]

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Can I use TV instead of medical grade monitor for Endoscopy?

TV vs Medical monitor in Endoscopy

Can I use High Definition TV instead of medical grade monitor in Endoscopy? How do I choose the right endoscopy monitor within a tight budget? Several healthcare providers with budgetary constraints ask this question. Medical grade monitors are far more expensive as compared to similar sized TVs and there is often pressing need to save […]

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