GE LogiQ Vision Series

Ge LogiQ V2 and GE LogiQ V5


  GE Logiq Vision series ultrasound systems help improve diagnostic confidence and efficiency for clinicians. The   ultrasounds in this range are upgradable which means you can add more features to it as your practice grows. 

 The superb image quality, automated workflow display an affordable approach to advanced ultrasound technology.

GE Logiq V2 ultrasound

GE LogiqV2 ultrasound has a large LCD display but this laptop look-alike ultrasound can fit in small spaces. And it fits into your budget.  Thus, it is one of the preferred ultrasounds in primary care set up. 


The color Doppler feature in GE ultrasound ensures exceptional image quality. GE Logiq V2 ultrasound works well for a wide range of exams, including: 

  • Abdominal
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Small Parts
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Pediatric
  • Transcranial

The automated features and interactive tools support confident clinical diagnoses by allowing clinicians:

  1. Access to real-time guidance and accurate information faster with fewer keystrokes. The techniques below make it possible to get accurate information quickly and easily. 
  •        Auto optimization optimizes B-mode images which help improve contrast resolution
  •        Auto IMT automates measurement of intima-media thickness for fast carotid exams.
  •        Sono biometry performs key fetal biometry measurements in seconds
  •        Scan assistant reduces keystrokes by 22%. Thus you have access to basic and advanced imaging protocols at your fingertips. 

    2.  Real-time representation of long anatomical structures that might not be seen in a single image

    3. Real-Time Speckle Reduction Imaging, which reduces noise while enhancing true tissue detail 

This is particularly useful for Labor and Delivery cases where clinicians want a simple and easy to use ultrasound without compromising on image quality.

GE Logiq V3 ultrasound

GE Logiq V3 ultrasound is apt for shared service practices. It supports a wide range of applications, including abdominal, vascular, obstetrics, paediatrics and other exams. It has a 15-inch flat LCD screen monitor for providing a good display of images. Also, you have the flexibility to adjust the monitor position for easy viewing. You can rotate tilt and flip the monitor up and down according to your need. 


  • Scan coach keys help access the online scan guidance tool.
  • Sonography zone contains the controls used most frequently during the ultrasound examination including the trackball.
  • Keys to make it easily visible and accessible 
  • Less than 45 kg, GE Logiq V3 is easy to manoeuvre and move around
  • It has two active ports located at the right-hand side and an additional parking probe port to secure the connector of the third probe. 
  • Directly above you, there are three integrated cable hooks and a cable tray is available for better cable management

GE Logiq V5 Ultrasound Machine 

Like its predecessors, GE LogiqV5 Ultrasound is a budget-friendly ultrasound which makes advanced ultrasound technology simple, affordable and accessible to obstetric and gynaecological healthcare providers. 

Along with smart economics, GE LogiqV5 Ultrasound Machine’s slim design allows you to use it even in constricted scanning spaces. When you bring GE LogiqV5 Ultrasound to your clinic you get the intuitive workflow with logical exam flow, automation tools.

  1. Scan Coach is an on-demand scan plane. While conducting scanning, it helps you acquire images for obstetric, gynaecological and abdominal protocols. 

    2. Scan Assistant is a guideline-based exam protocol. Like a sincere assistant, it reminds you of key anatomical targets to be scanned during an ultrasound, which significantly reduces the number of keystrokes.

    3. Automatically steers Color Doppler 

  • Initiates and completes measurements 
  • Sets up imaging protocols and modes 
  • Automatically inserts comments and reorders images to each user’s preference

     3. Sono Biometry is a workflow tool that intuitively places callipers to help you perform key fetal biometry       measurements such as: 

  • Bi-Parietal Diameter (BPD) 
  • Bi-Parietal Diameter (BPD) 
  • Head Circumference (HC) 
  • Head Circumference (HC) 
  • Abdominal Circumference (AC) 
  • Abdominal Circumference (AC) 
  • Femur Length (FL) 
  • Femur Length (FL) 

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