GE Logiq P Series ultrasound machines – Understanding differences

GE Logiq series ultrasound machines were meant for use in general imaging and radiology applications. They have evolved as economical shared service ultrasound machines with application capabilities across abdominal, OB/GYN, Breast, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Venous, Urology, TCD, Cardiac, Superficial, General Imaging and Pediatrics. Premium models in the logiq series may also support Neonatal, Fetal, Intraoperative and advanced cardiac such as TEE etc. GE logiq P series or Performance series consists of Logiq P5, Logiq P6, Logiq P7 and Logiq P9 ultrasound machines.

GE Logiq P5 – The most popular model


Globally GE Healthcare sells Logiq P5 Premium more than any other model in its stable. It has been in production for more than a decade since its launch in 2006. Logiq P5 premium is a stable, solid and reliable performer due to its very long run.

GE Logiq P5 got significant upgrades since its launch, especially in 2011. The Logiq P5 premium BT11 version had added support for adult cardiac sector probe; pediatric cardiac probe, 4D microconvex probe etc., essentially adding support for all applications from Cardiac to Pediatric, from 4D Obstetrics to Surgical or Elastography for advanced general imaging, squaring off with nearly  29 compatible transducers spread across every possible application. Adding options for Elastography, TVI, Stress Echo, Auto IMT and HD-Speckle Reduction Imaging etc. ensured bringing GE Logiq P5 and P6 capabilities on par with current generation systems in almost all ways, including applications, modes supported as well as majority of transducer selection.


GE Logiq P5 ultrasound machine
GE Logiq P5 Demo video


Apart from its tremendous range of features, Logiq P5 premium is also extremely popular especially in the refurbished ultrasound machine market, as large quantities of spare parts and probes are easily available at affordable costs. This makes maintenance and support relatively cheaper and easily accessible from third party service outfits. Small and Medium hospitals and diagnostic centres prefer GE Logiq P5 for this reason.


GE Logiq P6 ultrasound machine
GE Logiq P6

GE Logiq P6 also launched in 2006, looks similar in appearance to Logiq P5.  GE Logiq P6 offers more probe options and packs in some high-end features like strain-based elastography, TEE, AutoIMT etc.

GE launched Logiq P7 and P9 in 2016 – a full decade after Logiq P5 and P6. These are the two latest models not only in Performance series, but in the entire Logiq series after the premium E9 and high-end S7 & S8.

How are GE Logiq P7 & P9 better than P5?

The question often asked is – If Logiq P5 is still popular, running well, does almost everything that one expects from a shared service sonography machine – then why should one go for Logiq P7 or P9? What does a Logiq P9 offer that P5 does not?

Here is why.

Even though Logiq P7 & P9 are successors to P5 / P6, they are not just upgrades, infact they are cast from a totally new technology mold.

GE Logiq P9
GE Logiq P9

The GE Logiq P9 is promoted as a point-of-care / bed-side machine (P5/ P6 are console-based). Since they are shared-service machines, they should be able to handle wide range of application areas and also need to be used in multiple settings such as OPD, IPD, OT (anesthesia) etc. Hence these sonography systems should be easy to move around. However, unlike portable ultrasound machines, Point-of-Care (or bedside) ultrasound machine does not mean any compromise in features as compared to console-based machines.

The P7 & P9 are not only light-weight (132 lbs compared to 165 lbs of Logiq P5), easier to move around and transport, but more powerful and advanced in many ways:

  • GE Logiq P9 has new hardware, agile beamformer with much higher number of processing channels, and operating system.
  • The Logiq P9 includes the latest of many of GE’s advanced image optimization technologies, including SRI HD, CrossXBeam and Coded Harmonics Imaging.
  • With P7 & P9, personalized digital user interface enables customization of workflow preferences with user presets, while factory default settings also exist and can actually take care of most needs.
  • Hardware wise – The GE Logiq P7 and P9 feature high-end hardware options such as an adjustable 21.5-inch LCD monitor, a 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen (Touch control makes for easy parameter adjustment), 4 active probe ports, a gel warmer, storage shelf, wireless LAN, multiple USB ports, fully articulating arm and front & rear handles. They also feature extremely useful digital TGC, saving user time very much. Power assistant supports scanning for up to one hour on battery alone with the new extended battery option.
  • The P9 is a full shared-service system with more advanced cardiac, ObGyn as well as general imaging applications. The Logiq P7 and P9 have excellent imaging features such as 3D/4D for best obstetric imaging, Elastography with quantification (Quantitative estimate of tissue elasticity displayed in color-coded elastograms, helps with a wide range of advanced applications in general imaging & Urology, including chronic liver disease, breast etc.), B Steer+, Panoramic imaging, B-Flow with Color, Scan Assistant, Compare Assistant, 4D TUI, and Virtual Organ Computer-aided Analysis software. The GE Logiq P7 & P9 can also cover in-depth cardiovascular exams through integrated automated functions and cardiovascular technologies such as Auto IMT, Auto EF, Tissue Velocity Imaging with Q-Analysis, Stress Echo studies for full echocardiograms and suitable probe selection including pediatric sector probe.
  • Raw Data Processing is supported – Original Acoustic Data are stored before scan converting in a GE Healthcare “raw” format to be easily accessed and re-processed any time after the exam completion.
  • One can operate the ultrasound system remotely from tablet or phone that has LOGIQ Smart App loaded and includes, Major modes, Freeze/print, Depth, Gain, ROI placement and Dual Image.

In summary, Logiq P7 & P9 have latest GE imaging technology, vast range of modes and applications, ergonomic design and convenient hardware features, touch enabled operations and presets for user preferences and customization of workflow.

GE Logiq P7
GE Logiq P7

This esessentially means highest quality imaging, much faster results with minimal or user intervention/ optimization, while handling vast range of applications. Net result is ability to handle much higher volume of cases, better utilization of investment.

There are very few differences between the Logiq P7 and the Logiq P9. GE Logiq P7 shares the same hardware and software architectures of Logiq P9 except some of advanced features such as coded contrast imaging and a couple of high-end transducers. GE Logiq P7 supports more common and affordable RS-series transducers while the GE Logiq P9 supports a higher-level grade of transducers including a Matrix Array Linear probe. The GE logiq P7 is for a customer who wants to benefit from the best image quality, vast application coverage in all areas, user presets and customizations, convenience of latest hardware, but may not mind skipping out on some advanced facilities and features of P9.

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