Medical Diagnostic Centre and Lab Equipment List

Diagnostic Lab equipment

Planning to set up a medical diagnostic centre? Wondering where to get a diagnostic lab equipment list? Want to know what is the cost of setting up a diagnostic centre? What are the other requirements to be taken care of when setting up a diagnostic Lab?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Read on for information on diagnostic centre equipment and a good sense of how much it would cost.

Labs are classified by NABL into

  • small (less than 100 patients per day),
  • medium (101-400 patients per day) and
  • large (>400 patients per day)

Most of the discussion here will be related to small & medium Labs. What are the basic requirements for a small lab?

When setting up a medical diagnostic centre, aside from worrying about diagnostic equipment cost, it might be useful to consider all aspects like, scope of work planned in the Lab, legal & statutory compliance applicable, staffing and infrastructure planning,  lab information management System, NABL accreditation provisioning etc. Read to know more about planning for a diagnostic centre.

Diagnostic Lab Equipment List

Coming to the crux of the matter… What medical equipment are required to set-up a diagnostic path lab? Here is a list of equipment required to set-up a diagnostic path lab covering most of the segments:

  1. Hematology Analyser / Cell Counter
  2. Bio-chemistry Analyser
  3. Electrolyte Analyser
  4. Urine Analyser
  5. Coagulometer
  6. HB1Ac machine
  7. Eliza Plate Washer & Reader
  8. ImmunoAssay Analyser
  9. ESR Analyser
  10. Serum protein analyzer
  11. Microscope
  12. Incubator
  13. Centrifuge
  14. Tissue Diagnostics
    1. Microtome
    2. Paraffin wax bath
    3. Grossing work station
    4. Tissue floatation Bath
    5. Tissue processor
  15. Microbiology
    1. Automated Microbiology System
    2. Water Bath
    3. Hot Air Oven
    4. Drying oven
    5. BOD Incubator
    6. Humidity Cabinet
    7. Bio Safety cabinet
    8. Laminar Airflow
  16. Freezer/ Refrigerator
  17. Autoclave
  18. Lab balance, mixers, shakers, stirrers, pipettes

And the list can go on… Read more – 29 Equipment’s Every Microbiology Laboratory Should Have

So do you need all these equipment to set-up a lab? Not necessarily.

Now, what equipment you need for the diagnostic lab depends on the scope of work you wish to do. It may be easy to buy all the equipment if you have enough funds, but it is important to have sufficient patient volumes to justify the investments.

Cost of equipment for a small Lab

A very basic small lab setup either in a small location or one serving as a stat lab within a nursing home or hospital will need at least Rs 5-7 lakhs of investment into a 3-part differential cell counter, Semi-automatic biochemistry analyser,Centrifuge,Microscope,Incubator etc.

Cost of refurbished or used equipment, could be half or 65% of New equipment cost.

If you are planning to set-up a Diagnostic Lab and want to know how much it would cost

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For more details on budgets for setting up a medium to large diagnostic centre with lab and radiology equipment read –

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