Sell Used Medical Equipment OR Opt for buy-back from OEM?

sell used medical equipment for best price

Looking to upgrade an existing Cathlab or imaging system like X-Ray, Ultrasound machine, C-Arm etc., when the existing one is still in good working condition? If you are wondering whether to sell used medical equipment to a third-party or opt for buy-back with the OEM of the new machine, look no further!

Chances are, you are looking to get good value for the existing system. You are discussing a buy-back with the OEM vendor, you selected to provide your new system. The OEM may also throw in a few freebies and it may look like you are getting a great financial deal. This is especially when the existing system also gets taken care of without any headaches (especially when rules and regulations such as AERB / PC-PNDT) are also involved.

But this isn’t always true.

Let us look at some reasons why selling used medical equipment to another user instead of opting for buy-back may be a good idea.

Dealing with one party – Convenient, but may not be the best idea

You may have decided on the specific brand and model to purchase a new medical equipment and also negotiated hard. It may seem natural to get additional discount by going for buy-back option with the same vendor. There is certainly a convenience in dealing with the same sales rep you have already established rapport with. With your busy schedule it may seem like a great idea, to deal with just one party.

However, it is also commonly suspected that sales people already factor-in the buy-back. They raise the price in the quotation, and then offer the same as buy-back discount during negotiation.

Get the best value by selling to another user instead of standard buy-back discount

Most OEM Sales people selling new systems have no idea how to assess the value of used medical equipment and critical information that gets maximum value in the pre-owned equipment market. OEMs may work with third-party vendors as partners for the buy-back program. They offer standard discounts for buy-back and not base it on actual condition of the machine.

It is possible that a refurbisher or a direct user may offer a better price. The better price could be based on several factors. Some important factors could be – tube usage, maintenance history, condition of coils, probe condition, software version available etc. Whether OEM support for the model will be continued in the near future for a reasonable period, availability of spare parts etc. are also critical.

When you work with third-party vendors in the pre-owned equipment market to get a good deal.  Selling directly to another user who has strong preference for the brand and model is an even better idea.  You realise the best value for the equipment when you eliminate too many intermediaries.

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