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Are we going to see a glut of ventilators post COVID-19?

Since the lockdown was announced on Mar 25, 2020, while all other types of business enquiries started fading-out, two things started happening at PrimedeQ: Up until 1st week of April, enquiries were pouring in, every single day, for ventilators. “We will pick any quantities, whatever numbers you have”, they said. This is now dying out. […]

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How to take care of critically ill patients at home?

Treating critically ill patient at home ICU […]

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Medical equipment / devices used for Critical Care at Home

  Oxygen concentrator/Portable Oxygen Concentrator It is a device that helps patients with low-level of oxygen in blood. Wide variety of oxygen concentrators are available with different features as one which is powered by plugging it into electrical outlets and other one is battery powered portable oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrator can be easily carried anywhere, […]

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