Medical equipment / devices used for Critical Care at Home


  1. Oxygen concentrator/Portable Oxygen Concentrator

It is a device that helps patients with low-level of oxygen in blood. Wide variety of oxygen concentrators are available with different features as one which is powered by plugging it into electrical outlets and other one is battery powered portable oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrator can be easily carried anywhere, wherever a person travels, it can also be taken to an airplanes. The compressor in the oxygen concentrator compresses air which gets filtered into the concentrator and then delivers the air in a continuous stream.

Brands– BPL 4203, OG 4305, Longfian, Niscomed, Philips Evereflo 5 lpm, Nidek, Sunshine Oxy100, Oxy200, SeQual, Hypertec Hyperbaric, Perry etc.

  1. Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter is a device for monitoring blood oxygen level in a person. This device is applied on a thin part of a person’s body part such as earlobe, fingertip or across foot.

  • Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter is placed on a fingertip of patients to read oxygen saturation level.

  • Table top pulse oximeter

Tabletop pulse oximeter is portable in nature and one that can be placed on the table next to the patient bed. The tabletop pulse oximeter includes SpO2 values, pulse rate and the plethysmographic waveform of the patient.

Brands- BPL Cleo, Cleo Plus, Bionet Oxy9Wave, Charmcare Accuro, Newnik PX 701, Niscomed CMS 5100, FPO-91, CMS-70A, FPO-50, 60-D, CMS 60-C, CMS 5000, Masimo, FaceLake, iHealth, Vive, nonin, Masimo, Nihon Kohden, Contec etc.

  1. ECG machine

It records the heart activities over a period through usage of electrodes that is placed on the skin. ECG helps in diagnosing abnormalities of heart such as enlargement of chambers or abnormal electrical activity in heart.

        Brands- BPL Cardiart 6108T, Cardiart 6208, Cardioline AR2100View, Bionet cardiocare 2000, Contec ECG 1200G, ECG 30G, Nasan, Nihon Kohden Cardiofax M, Niscomed ECG 1200G, 300G, ECG 101,  ECG 601, Schiller Cardiovit AT 2 Plus, Cardiovit AT  301, Cardiovit AT 1, Sunshine Care 1000, Technocare TM-3B, GE Mac 1200, Skanray Cardiascan, Uni-Em Cardiomin, EDAN, BIOCARE, Philips, etc.

  1. Multipara monitor/Patient Monitor/ETCO2 monitor

It is used to monitor any diseases, medical parameters or conditions over time. Multipara monitor also includes in checking blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate.

Brands- BPL, Magna, Smart Sign 10, Ultima Prime, Excello, Contec CMS 8000, CMS 9200, CMS 7000, Nihon Kohden 2703, 2701, Niscomed CMS 8000, Aqua 8, CMS 7000, Aqua 12, Olives OLMP 60+, Omya x500i, Schiller Truescope II, Sunshine VS 2000, VS 3000, Technocare TM 9009, Welch Allyn Propaq CS, Skanray Planet 60, GE B 20, Meditec England, Universe, Ko-Med, Allengers etc.

  1. Syringe pump

It uses a small pump which infuses small quantity of fluids, or nutrients into a patient.

BrandsNiscomed SP-01, Sunshine SB 2100, Contec, Smith medical Medfusion 3500, Graseby 2100, Graseby 2000  Scure, Gotiz, etc.


  1. Holter monitoring/ Ambulatory electrocardiography

It is a battery powered portable device that records and measures the heart activity. It consists of a wire with a small electrode which is attaches on skin for reading the heart activity.

Brands – Contec, BTL, Biocare, Norav, Progetti, Mortara, Trismed etc.


  1. Ventilator

Medical ventilator is a machine that delivers breathable air into and out of the lungs. Ventilator is used for patients who face difficulties in breathing. It consists of a tube which is connected to the patient’s windpipe and this breathing tube passes an air and oxygen into the lungs. It is available for hospitals as well for home use. There are two types of ventilator. They are:

 Noninvasive ventilators- Noninvasive ventilator provides patients with breathing support through either mask or nasal prongs. Advantage of this ventilator is it reduces risk of lung damage which occurs from inspiratory pressures.

Invasive ventilators- Here patients who are on long term ventilation and require intense care will have ventilators in which a tube is inserted into patient’s mouth or nose. This tube delivers air on regular time. These ventilators are adjusted based on patients’ requirement.

Brands- GE ventilator i-vent 201, Philips respironics PLV 102, Ginevri MOG 1000, Siemens 900C, Servo 300, SLE 200 HFQ, Newport Wave E200, Servovent Neo, Neumovent Graphnet TS, Graphnet Neo, Graphnet advance, Smith Medical Babypac, Parapac Plus, Pricol Inventa XL, L&T, CareFusion, Caire, Bird, Airdyne, Hamilton etc.

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