Vital monitoring and basic diagnostic devices used for patient care at home

Every home has some basic medical devices such as thermometer, weighing scales, sometimes even BP monitor and many more depending on age and medical condition of the family. The equipment set consists of devices that helps in determining the disease or problems a person might be having.

  • Sensitive Stethoscope
  • Desk Mercurial Sphygmomanometer
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Infantometer
  • Weighting Scale / Digital Weighting Scale
  • Aneroid Palm Type Sphygmomanometer
  • Ideal Stethoscope
  • Diagnostic Instrument Set

Height & weight Scales  

Height & weight scales are used to measure height and weight of a person. Primary purpose of scale is to determine the range in weight and height to understand various medical issues in patient.

There are different types of weighing scales as baby weighing scale or personal weighing scale.

Height measuring scales are also available to measure the height of an indivisual.

Brands – Vittico, Omron, Syga Equinox etc.


Blood Pressure Monitors or Sphygmomanometer

It is used for measuring blood pressure. There are two Blood Pressure monitors available, one with digital and other with manual meters. Manual blood pressure monitor uses an expandable handcuff which is joined with a tube to a measure and a stethoscope to read blood pressure. Digital blood pressure monitor comes up with a handcuff and an instrument that records the blood pressure.

Brands- A&D Um 211, TM 2430, TM 2657P, UM 102, Niscomed PW-217, ABPM 50, Sunshine Digital, Omron, Panasonic, Santamedical, Generation Guard, Vive, Welch Allyn etc.



It is used to determine the concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucometer uses a small drop of blood which needs to be placed on a test strip which is read by the meter to calculate blood glucose level.

Brands– Accu-Chek, One Touch, Truworth, Bayer Contour, Dr. Morepen, Walgreens etc.

Portable Suction Machine/Suction apparatus

It is a medical device which helps in removing fluids or mucus from a patient. Portable suction machine can be used in different medical environments and for home care use. It is also used by people having cough problem and unable to clear secretions from the throat or who is suffering from breathing problems.

Brands– Hospitech 1/4 HP Suction machine, 1/2 HP, Mathurams, New aspiret, New askir, Hospivac 350, Askir 330, SU 104, Yuwell 7E-D, Universe, Scure, Meditrin, Unicorn Denmart etc.

This medical device helps in measuring body temperature. A thermometer has two important elements:
i) A temperature sensor where changes occur due to change in temperature,
ii) and some means of converting this change into a numerical value 

Brands- Enji Prime, Kinsa, QQCute, iProven, Smart care, Life line, Dr Morepen, Rossmax, Vive Precision, Omron etc.

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