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Should I Buy or Rent Oxygen Concentrator for use at home?

Breathing problems

It has been a long stay in the hospital for your parent, with all the attendant anxiety for moving in and out of ICU etc. Now you are relieved that they are discharging today from the hospital and you can take care of him at home. But then, doctor has recommended that he will need […]

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Medical equipment / devices used for Critical Care at Home

  Oxygen concentrator/Portable Oxygen Concentrator It is a device that helps patients with low-level of oxygen in blood. Wide variety of oxygen concentrators are available with different features as one which is powered by plugging it into electrical outlets and other one is battery powered portable oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrator can be easily carried anywhere, […]

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Vital monitoring and basic diagnostic devices used for patient care at home

It consists of devices that helps in determining the disease or problems a person might be having. Sensitive Stethoscope Desk Mercurial Sphygmomanometer Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Infantometer Weighting Scale / Digital Weighting Scale Aneroid Palm Type Sphygmomanometer Ideal Stethoscope Diagnostic Instrument Set Height & weight Scales   Height & weight scales are used to measure […]

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Mobility Aids

Mobility aid assists patient or a person in walking or improves in the ability to move. Different mobility aids used are beds/ cots, walking sticks, commode chair, wheelchair and crutches   Bed/ Patient Cot / Fowler cot There are varieties of beds with different types available for patients such as beds which can be raised […]

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Medical equipment / devices used for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at home

Physiotherapy is used for treatment of pain, problems related to joints, muscles, or nerves, which requires exercises or massaging by using different therapies such as ultrasonic, short wave diathermy and muscle strengthening. It helps stroke patients in recovering and also in treating children undergoing cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.   Pelvic Traction Kit Pelvic traction kit is useful […]

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Medical equipment / devices used for Respiratory and Sleep therapy at home

Sleeping disorder can greatly impact a person’s mental, physical, and emotional functioning. Sleep disorder occurs due to anxiety, depression, cognitive transition and trauma issues. There are various disorders that are, insomnia, nightmare, rapid eye movement, breathing problems and other.   CPAP Machine– This machine consists of a small box with a motorized fan inside. This […]

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