Mobility Aids

Mobility aid assists patient or a person in walking or improves in the ability to move. Different mobility aids used are beds/ cots, walking sticks, commode chair, wheelchair and crutches  

Bed/ Patient Cot / Fowler cot

There are varieties of beds with different types available for patients such as beds which can be raised from back and leg side wall, with only leg raise option, one with or without side rails, with or without wheels etc.

  • Infant bed

These beds are for infants and babies.

  • Water bed

This bed is consisting of plastic mattress which is full of water. Water bed is high in flexibility. It is used by patients suffering from allergies as sealed waterbed mattress is easy to clean and cannot be penetrated by any bacteria or dust. One can get comfortable sleep on water bed and reduce back pains and contributes better health. It is also recommended for new born babies or pre mature babies in reducing pressure point on the baby’s bones and circulatory system which helps in growth and development.

  • Adjustable bed / Fowler cot- These beds are easily adjustable to different positions. Adjustable bed is mostly preferred at hospitals as well as in homes. This allows patients to lie flat to sleep or can elevate head and shoulders to watch television or read books.


Bassinet is a bed for newborns or babies.

It is bed consist of air-inflated mattress. Alpha bed is sometimes connected to an electric air pump and can control firmness of mattress.

Brands- Wellton, Invacare, Joern, Primus, Zenith, VMS, AOMA etc.


  • Folding Commode
  • Foldable Commode Chair
  • Aluminum Deluxe Commode
  • Aluminum Deluxe Commode on Casters
  • Folding Commode with Back Support

Wheel Chairs

  • Aluminum Wheel Chair
  • Electric Wheel Chair
  • Steel Wheel Chair
  • Folding Wheelchair with Mag wheels
  • Basic Wheel Chair Fighter

Walking Sticks

  • Walking Stick
  • Single Leg Stick
  • Folding Blind Stick
  • L-Shape Walking Stick
  • Walker without Wheel
  • Walker with Wheel
  • L-Shape Folding Walking Stick
  • L-Shape Four Foot Flat Walking Stick
  • U-Shape Walking Stick
  • Rollator Walker/Roller walkers


  • Adjustable Crutch Axillary Pair
  • Multifunctional Crutch
  • Underarm Crutches (pair)
  • Forearm Crutches

Bathing stools & commodes – Bath chair can be used by any person. It consists of single seat, with or without back or arm rest.

  • Bathing stools- It comes with foldable option. It consists of single seat with or without any arm or back rest.
  • Commode- It is used for patients who are bedridden. Commode is a portable toilet designed to place near patient bedside.

Other items are

Stainless Steel Jointed Female Bed pan

Male Bed Pan with Cover

Brands- Tynor, Karma, Wellton, IB BASICS, Albio, Chaitanya, Viva, Wellton, Fastwell, Nrs etc.


Medical Belts and trusses

 It consists of a pad and belt to correct the posture. It can be used wherever a person travels. It is used for moving or controlling tissues from moving from a normal position to abnormal position.

  • Knee Support
  • Post Delivery Abdominal Girdle Large
  • Support Belt / Post Delivery Abdominal Girdle Small
  • Cast Shoe
  • Open Patellar Neoprene Knee Support
  • Anklet Tubular
  • Pouch Arm Sling

Brands- Wonder care, Underworks, Tynor, FlexaMed, Alpha Medical, Trueform, Uriel etc.



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