Anesthesia machine


Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia workstation is one of the essential components to the hospital. They contain many vital features that allow the machine to operate properly and safely during various operative procedures.

Anesthesia Workstation
Anesthesia Machine

A skilled anesthesiologist operates the anesthesia machine.

Anesthesia Machine

An anesthesia machine has three functional components. First comes a high-pressure system that receives gases from their source at high pressure and makes the pressure constant. Then there is an intermediate-pressure system, which receives gases from the hospital gas system or from a regulator and passes them on to various flow meters and/or an oxygen flush valve. The third one is the low-pressure system which delivers gases from flow meters to the patient ventilation system, and it has vaporizers as well.

With all of the three systems working together, anesthesia machines are able to precisely prepare a gas mixture and deliver it to the patient.

High-Pressure System

High-pressure system is made up of such components that receive gas from a high-pressure source, such as a gas cylinder or hospital gas system. One such component is a yoke block to connect large gas cylinders and pipeline hoses. Pressure gauges and pressure regulators of High-pressure system, convert a high, variable pressure source into a lower, constant pressure making it usable within the machine.

Intermediate-Pressure System

Intermediate-pressure system has the components that receive the reduced pressure gases. This may include pipeline inlet connections, pressure gauges, and power outlets for the ventilator, along with the oxygen pressure fail-safe systems.

There is an oxygen flush system, which is a direct connection between the oxygen pressure regulator and the oxygen flush.

This system of anesthesia machine is used mainly during mask ventilation when there is a lot of leakage between the mask and the face of the patient or in patients having difficult airways. It can also be used to provide ventilator support in various clinical scenarios. When the oxygen flush is operated, the patient receives pure oxygen, oxygen that is not contaminated with any other gas.

Low-Pressure System

A low-pressure system in the anesthesia machine is that part of the system which receives lower pressure gasses from the flow meters. The pressure, in this case, is slightly greater than atmospheric pressure. The low-pressure system includes a gas outlet, devices to ensure pressure safety, and vaporizers. There is also a frequency valve which allows the use of a semi-closed breathing attachment which is when turned in one direction, passes gasses to a circle absorber in the other direction.


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