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All about Laparoscopy Equipment and how Laparoscope works

Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdominal or pelvic area using small incisions, typically less than 1.5 cm with the aid of a scope/camera, typically for surgeries on gall bladder, colon, kidney etc. Earlier, if any operation had to be performed in the abdomen, surgeons had to cut open the area – hence the operation […]

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Difference between Electro Surgery Unit (ESU) & Cautery Machine

ESU machine or cauery machine

What is the difference between “electrocautery” and “electrosurgery”?   ESUs or Electrosurgical Units are commonly referred to as cautery machine. Are there any differences between a cautery machine or ESU? “Cauterization” is the process of destroying tissue. This process may be used to kill certain types of small tumors, destroy skin growths or to seal-off […]

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Ortho Drill – Pneumatic, Electric or Battery operated?

Surgical Ortho drill and tools

An Ortho drill is a pneumatic or electric device that is used by an orthopedic surgeon to make holes in bones for fixing immobilization screws, wires, plates, implants and fitting prosthetic devices etc. If you have had a fracture, the treatment will involve ensuring all the bone parts are properly set and held together in […]

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Most Common Surgical Camera Repair Issues

Some of the most common surgical camera repair issues include, Camera Head Cable Damage, Damage due to improper or wrong Sterilisation Technique, Mishandling, Coupler damage/physical damage, Connector issues and connector damage, anonymous issues within the internal circuit of camera head or DVI cards of CCU and of course, the normal wear & tear. A surgical […]

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What are the medical equipment required to start an eye hospital?

Medical equipment for a Eye Hospital

Most Eye hospitals are set-up with a view to check general visual acuity and screen for all types of problems and diagnose & treat refractive errors, cataract and glaucoma. The reason is, these are eye problems most commonly found. Based on these cases, the most common medical equipment for eye hospital are Ophthal chair unit, […]

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Anesthesia machine

  Anesthesia Machine Anesthesia workstation is one of the essential components to the hospital. They contain many vital features that allow the machine to operate properly and safely during various operative procedures. A skilled anesthesiologist operates the anesthesia machine. Anesthesia Machine An anesthesia machine has three functional components. First comes a high-pressure system that receives […]

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