Common problems with battery-operated ortho drill and repair

Surgical Ortho drill repair

Common ortho drill repair needs are related to its main components such as faulty trigger switch, transmission or motor, problematic chuck or a failed battery. An Ortho drill is a pneumatic or electric device that is used by an orthopedic surgeon to make holes in bones for fixing immobilization screws, wires, plates, implants and fitting prosthetic devices etc. If you have had a fracture, the treatment will involve ensuring all the bone parts are properly set and held together in their original position. Additionally they need to be immobilized until it heals completely on its own. Surgical power tools are used in various applications such as microsurgery (especially in microneurology and ENT microsurgery) and Orthopedic surgeries. There are 3 types of Ortho drills based on their power source – Battery, Pneumatic, and Electric. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of each type.

Advantages and disadvantages of Battery-operated Ortho drill

Freedom of movement in surgery is the biggest advantage of a battery-operated ortho drill. Proper care and maintenance of ortho drills is crucial for long life of the equipment.

Working and Main Components of a Battery-operated Ortho Drill

How does an ortho drill work? The main components of an ortho drill are – a trigger switch, electric motor, the chuck and the various accessories (bits/ hand-pieces).  The trigger switch when pulled by the surgeon, activates an electric motor, which in turn drives a rotating chuck through the transmission. Different types of accessories (bits/ handpieces) are fitted into in the chuck, allowing drilling, reaming etc. The Ortho Drill has following main components:

  1. Trigger Switch –A trigger switch is located in a drill just like in a pistol to be triggered by the (index) finger. They may be variable or single speed switches. Variable speed switches allow drills to be operated at different speed based on how hard you press. The switch activates the electric motor.
  2. Motor – The electric motor provides the drive for the drill to rotate. The drive shaft transmits the rotation to the chuck.
  3. Chuck – The chuck holds the accessories or hand-pieces.
  4. Accessories – Various bone drill, cannulated bone drill, reamer drill, saw etc.

Common battery-operated ortho drill repair Issues

Common repair needs in an ortho drill are most likely caused by failure of the main components such as a bad or uncharged battery, a problem with the motor, a broken trigger switch or faulty transmission or the chuck.

Here, we will talk about common problems faced while using battery-operated ortho drill and possible causes.

  1. Battery problems – This is the most common problem faced in a battery-operated ortho drill. Battery is weak, dead or not charging.
    1. Battery not charging – If the battery is not charging, it may be because battery is not properly inserted in the charger or charger is not properly plugged-in or either the charger or battery is faulty.
    1. Battery charging but not lasting long – If the battery is unable to hold charge for as long as it used to before, it probably means the battery is dying and needs replacement soon.
    1. Try operating with a fresh battery – if the drill still does not work with a new battery, either the battery is not connecting properly with the terminal of the switch or the trigger switch is not working.
  2. Trigger switch not working – If the trigger pulls but the motor does not turn-on, the switch may be broken. If you are unable to pull the trigger, there might be a mechanical fault with the switch and this may need replacement.
  3. Faulty motor – Sometimes the chuck may rotate slowly or fail to rotate even though the drill is on. This may be because the motor has failed or overloaded and the brushes are burned-out.
  4. Issues with Transmission – If the motor is running properly but the chuck is still not rotating, there might be an issue with transmission such as a gear box fault or broken transmission.
  5. Problems with the Chuck – If the drill bit is not fixing properly in the chuck or coming loose or getting stuck, it may be because the chuck is worn-out or dirty. Clean the chuck and lubricate it. If the drill bit still does not hold, the chuck may need replacement or repair.

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