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Hospital Equipment List and Cost Estimate

Medical Equipment List

When planning to set-up a small hospital, one of the first things one needs is the hospital equipment list. That is, assuming you have the doctors in place and decided on the type of treatments the hospital will be offering. Land & building, medical equipment, electrical, mechanical, civil and HVAC infrastructure and hospital furniture constitute […]

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Pricing Used Medical Equipment for Sale or Auction

used medical equipment price

What is the right price for used medical equipment? Buyers looking for second-hand medical equipment don’t know how much to pay and sellers often wonder how much to quote. Here is a quick ready-reckoner for key points for used medical equipment pricing. From our past experiences, the following are the key factors that go into […]

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Used vs Refurbished Medical Equipment – 5Ws and H

Refurbished medical equipment

“It is very important to understand that there is a big difference between high-quality refurbishment to the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM’s) specifications and second-hand equipment of undefined quality.” says COCIR, the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry. A used equipment may not be as economical to use and may compromise […]

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How does an X-Ray machine work? What are the main components of an X-Ray unit?

GE HF advantage - High frequency X-Ray unit

An X-Ray machine consists of two main components – X-Ray generator and an image detection system. An X-Ray tube essentially is a high-vacuum diode consisting of a Cathode and Anode. X-ray tube operates by generating a stream of electrons by heating up a cathode (tungsten) filament. This stream of electrons is directed at high speed […]

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Anesthesia machine

  Anesthesia Machine Anesthesia workstation is one of the essential components to the hospital. They contain many vital features that allow the machine to operate properly and safely during various operative procedures. A skilled anesthesiologist operates the anesthesia machine. Anesthesia Machine An anesthesia machine has three functional components. First comes a high-pressure system that receives […]

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5 factors to consider in deciding price of used medical equipment

used medical equipment valuation

How to decide what is the right price of a used medical equipment? Buying pre-owned medical equipment is a cost-effective way of acquiring medical devices and products. Another advantage of buying refurbished medical equipment is to get newer technology at an economical cost. Used medical equipment Value Calculator While buying used medical equipment the essential […]

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