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Hospital Equipment List and Cost Estimate

Medical Equipment List

When planning to set-up a small hospital, one of the first things one needs is the hospital equipment list. That is, assuming you have the doctors in place and decided on the type of treatments the hospital will be offering. Land & building, medical equipment, electrical, mechanical, civil and HVAC infrastructure and hospital furniture constitute […]

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What are the medical equipment needed to start an ENT Hospital?


If you are planning a ENT specialty hospital with both OPD and OT set-up, you will need all equipment needed to examine Ear, Nose and Throat. The major ENT equipment you may need for ENT hospital include the ENT OPD unit, Sinuscopes, Otoscope, nasopharyngo-laryngoscope, operating microscope, debrider, coblator, CO2 laser and specific surgical instruments sets. […]

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Difference between high-frequency X-Ray Unit and conventional X-Ray machine

XRay HF generator and tube repair and servicing

The conventional (Single Phase) X-Ray and High Frequency X-Ray machines significantly differ in at least the following three aspects: Efficiencies Ease of use Quality of Outcome 1. Efficiency High frequency x-ray generators are better as compared to conventional single-phase generators due to efficient generation and control of high voltage power required to drive the x-ray […]

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How does an X-Ray machine work? What are the main components of an X-Ray unit?

GE HF advantage - High frequency X-Ray unit

An X-Ray machine consists of two main components – X-Ray generator and an image detection system. An X-Ray tube essentially is a high-vacuum diode consisting of a Cathode and Anode. X-ray tube operates by generating a stream of electrons by heating up a cathode (tungsten) filament. This stream of electrons is directed at high speed […]

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India’s health care delivery and the burden of lifestyle diseases

Buy or sell medical equipment

Let’s start with the good news. In the last ten years, Indians are living a longer life.  In 2005 the average lifespan of men was 62. 3 years for men and for women it was 63. 9 years. By 2015 the average lifespan increased by 5 years for men and almost 6 years for women. […]

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How to Compare and choose the best ventilator for you

WHAT IS A VENTILATOR? Mechanical ventilation is a life support treatment. A mechanical ventilator is a machine that helps people breathe when they are not able to breathe enough on their own. The mechanical ventilator is also called a ventilator, respirator, or breathing machine. Most patients who need support from a ventilator because of severe […]

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Anesthesia machine

  Anesthesia Machine Anesthesia workstation is one of the essential components to the hospital. They contain many vital features that allow the machine to operate properly and safely during various operative procedures. A skilled anesthesiologist operates the anesthesia machine. Anesthesia Machine An anesthesia machine has three functional components. First comes a high-pressure system that receives […]

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Medical equipment needed to set-up a Cardiac Hospital or Cathlab?

Siemens Artis Zee Cath Lab

A typical Hospital has OPD, IPD, Emergency/ Casualty, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Imaging departments, OT, CSSD, ICU departments (Read for basic common equipment used in a hospital). For a Cardiac Specialty, in addition to regular equipment required for the various departments in the hospital, the following equipment for a cardiac cathlab are required, based on the […]

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Top 12 used or refurbished medical equipment in demand, in India

Used, second-hand, pre-owned or refurbished medical equipment

Used equipment may be addressed by several names such as second-hand, pre-owned, refurbished, reconditioned etc. Used medical equipment market in India is said to be 30% of sales in private sector. More and more hospitals are coming up in tier-II & III towns and most of these hospitals serve patients looking for affordable treatment and […]

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Why are Autoclaves more in demand than other Sterilizers?


A sterilizer is a general term for any equipment that can sterilize. A common method to sterilize equipment is by autoclaving. The preferred principle for sterilization is through heat, the autoclave being the most widely used method i.e. using saturated steam. Autoclaving is the use of pressurized steam at high temperature to kill fungi, microbes, spores, bacteria or viruses that are hard to destroy using conventional […]

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