Comparison of mammography machines

Sr No Specification Allengers Siemens GE
Make Allengers Siemens GE
Model Mam-Venus Mammomat Select Senographe Crystal
Type Analog Analog Analog
Country of Origin     USA
1 X-ray generator High frequency 40 KHz. x-ray generator X-Ray tube / Anode material Mo Single phase, high frequency
2 Maximum power 3.5 KW
3 Maximum mA output 70mA
4 Maximum KV output 35 KV
5 X-ray tube Rotating anode x-ray tube. Rotating anode type Rotating, air cooled
6 Focal spot  -Small focus = 0.1 mm
– Large focus = 0.3 mm
0.1 / 0.3 (IEC). 0.1and 0.3
7 KV range 22 to 35 KV in steps of 0.5 KV each. 22increments of 1 kV
8 mAs range 1 mAs to 700 mAs 40-100
9 Digital displays  LCD display on control panel
· KV
· mAs
· Interlocks indicating the fault in the
· Filter selected
LCD display on the stand
· Compression force in Kg
· Compressed breast thickness
· Degree scale
Touch user interface is built in on control console for the selections of different exposure modes and different exposure parameters. Dynamic icons and messages are also displayed on the touch user interface for user interactions. Standard LCD display Optional DICOM connectivity available
Power Supply Single phase, 230 volts ± 10%, AC, 50 Hz,
15 amps. with independent earthing on the
wall socket.
110 V, 120 V, 130 V, 208 V, 220 V, 230 V and 240 V AC < 0.6 Ohm, ± 10 %, single-phase, 50/60 Hz ± 1 Hz 200-415 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Price (Indicative only) Rs. 119000/- Rs. 4500000/- 1 crore
Tax – GST Extra Extra Extra
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