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X-Ray tube repair & common causes of tube failure

Replacing an x-ray tube can be expensive. If your x-ray tube has sustained some damage, the first thought that may occur is – Is it repairable? The most common x-ray tube repair involves replacing the oil inside the tube housing and removing any air, gases, particles that could cause arcing. This helps re-establish vacuum inside […]

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Relevance of Exposure Chart with High-Frequency X-Ray Machine

mA KVp chart

Many of our YouTube subscribers ask for the mA KVp chart. Often young X-Ray technicians are put to work without any orientation to the new X-Ray machine and certainly with no exposure chart to serve even as a starting point. Not knowing what exposure settings to use when a patient has presented himself/ herself and […]

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5 things to know about OPG or Dental X-Ray

OPG Dental X-Ray

What is orthopantomography or OPG? Pantomography is a form of imaging used for obtaining radiographs of a curved surface, by rotation of the body and film during exposure from an x-radiation source. Orthopantomography (OPG), also known as an OPG X-ray or dental x-ray, is an X-ray scan that gives a panoramic or wide view of […]

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Difference between Digital Radiography and Computed Radiography Systems

DR System vs CR System

“I want to buy a digital X-Ray” – This is one of the most common requests that we hear at PrimedeQ. On further probing, it turns out that the caller is looking for a CR System to digitize their X-Ray images. The difference between a Digital Radiography (DR System) and Computed Radiography (CR System) is […]

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Features to look for and compare, when buying a C-Arm machine

C-Arm machine

How to decide which C-Arm machine to buy? The key features to consider when buying a C-Arm machine include – x-ray generator, tube type & collimator system, C-arm dimension, maneuverability, and range of movements, FOV, compactness required, image processing, storage and transfer capability, radiation dosage, image detection and capture technology etc. Choice of type of […]

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Top 4 things to know about C-Arm machines

Siemens multimobil 5E C-arm machine

What is a C-Arm machine? What are C-Arms used for? A C-Arm machine is an advanced medical imaging device based on X-ray technology. They are primarily used for fluoroscopy capabilities, although they have radiography capability too. C-Arm is called so, due to its C-shaped arm, which is used to connect the x-ray source on one […]

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All you need to know about AERB license and approvals

AERB license

Wondering how to get an AERB license or operating license for your X-Ray machine? How to register in e-LORA? How to get a QA done for your machine? What if I dont get all these done? Who can help me with all AERB related approvals and licenses? Read on… What is AERB? AERB (Atomic Energy […]

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Why is Quality Assurance for an X-Ray machine required?

DX-300 X-Ray machine

What is Quality Assurance for an X-Ray machine or any Diagnostic Radiology equipment? As per AERB, Quality Assurance (QA) of medical diagnostic x-ray equipment means systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence to the end-user(s) that a medical diagnostic x-ray equipment will perform satisfactorily in compliance with safety standards specified by the Competent Authority (In […]

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Quality Assurance Tests for Diagnostic X-ray Equipment – as per AERB

Quality Assuarnce of X-Ray equipment

PrimedeQ offer QA services for all types if radiation equipment. We also assist hospitals and diagnostic centres with ELORA registeration, AERB licensing, TLD badges etc. Contact us on +917019759765 or +918971223957 or write to us at [email protected] for any assistance in this area. QA essentially involves testing of all the exposure parameters to ensure accuracy […]

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Difference between high-frequency X-Ray Unit and conventional X-Ray machine

XRay HF generator and tube repair and servicing

The conventional (Single Phase) X-Ray and High Frequency X-Ray machines significantly differ in at least the following three aspects: Efficiencies Ease of use Quality of Outcome 1. Efficiency High frequency x-ray generators are better as compared to conventional single-phase generators due to efficient generation and control of high voltage power required to drive the x-ray […]

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