Equipment used for Healthcare at Home

Home health care has become one of the key parts in health care environment. Studies have revealed that patient’s recovery time reduces much more at home than at hospitals. Patients can reduce expenses up to 80% if they move from hospital to home. According to 2011 census of India population there are around 104 million senior citizens in India which is seen to be increasing to 8% in the year 2015 and it is been assumed to increase to 12.5% by 2030. By 2020 it is found that 12 million elderly people would be facing difficulty in accomplishing daily living activities. Home health care includes providing all facilities which a patient or person is looking for, at home. From infant to geriatrics, all kind of equipment will be available for use at home. These equipment are easy to handle and require less effort in usage.

With increasing stress in life, lack of physical activities and other habits have made people suffer from various lifestyle related diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes etc. With home health care various medical equipment are available at home which can be used by people with various health issues. People with knee injuries can avail knee bands, crutches, knee chair etc. Patients suffering from asthma or respiratory problems can avail nebulizer for comfortable breathings. The following are the main category of equipment used at home:


Category Medical Equipment
Vitals monitoring and basic diagnostic devices Height & weight Scales  

Blood Pressure Monitors/ Sphygmomanometer/BP Apparatus


Portable Suction Machine/Suction apparatus


Mobility Aids Beds/Patient cots/Fowler cots


Wheel Chairs  

Walking Sticks


Bathing stools & commodes

Medical Belts and trusses

Respiratory & Sleep therapy CPAP Machine

BIPAP machine/Noninvasive ventilator


HME filters (Heat and moisture exchanger)

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Pelvic Traction Kit

Tennis Elbow

Grip Exerciser

Continuous Passive motion (CPM)

Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

Kinesis Tape (VPK)

Support-Braces & Splints

Critical Care Oxygen concentrator

Pulse Oximeter/Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

ECG machine

Multipara monitor/Patient Monitor/ETCO2 monitor

Syringe pump

Holter monitoring/Ambulatory electrocardiography




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