What ultrasound machine to buy for gynaecology practice


pregnant woman undergoing ultrasoundWhat are the best Ultrasound machine for gynaecology? Ultrasound machines work on the principle of sound waves. They produce images of the internal structures of the body by bouncing off ultrasonic waves at body structures and detecting the echoes that bounce back. These sound waves are above the audible range of human hearing. Ultrasound was first used for clinical purposes in 1956 in Glasgow. Obstetrician Ian Donald and engineer Tom Brown developed the first ultrasound using the intelligence of an instrument used to detect industrial flaws in ships. They perfected its clinical use, and by the end of the 1950s, ultrasound was routinely used in Glasgow hospitals, and by 1970s it was widely used in American hospitals.  The technology has undergone extensive development over the past 20 years and it is difficult to imagine gynaecology and obstetrics practise without it. 

Obstetric ultrasonography is used to image a human fetus inside its mother’s womb. It helps confirm a pregnancy, number of fetuses and helps detect fetal abnormalities such as microcephaly (an abnormally small head), absence of kidneys, and spinal problems. Doppler ultrasound is used to measure blood flow and if there is a suspicion the foetus is not growing properly. 

An ultrasound scan is especially helpful in diagnosing growth or tumours of the ovary, uterus and fallopian tubes.

What ultrasound machine to choose for gynaecology practice?

When you are choosing an ultrasound for your practice, there are many options available from GE, Siemens, Mindray and other similar brands. You can make a choice according to your practice’s requirements, budget, space and the number of specialities that are handled there. What are the best Ultrasound machine for gynaecology?

  • A multi-tasker and budget-friendly ultrasound. 

If you have a shared service and you are on low on budget, you should go for GE LogiQ, the budget range from GE. The LOGIQ V3 system supports a wide range of applications, including abdominal, vascular, obstetrics, paediatrics and other exams.

In this series, you have exceptionally versatile ultrasounds, such as  GE LogiQ P5 Ultrasound, GE LogiQ P6 Ultrasound. The advanced capabilities and workflow efficiencies of GE LogiQ can benefit general imaging applications as well as women’s health, urology, and other point-of-care applications.

GE Voluson P8 ultrasound machine for gynaecology
GE Voluson series ultrasound machines
  • Energy-efficient ultrasound

If you are looking for an energy-efficient ultrasound, GE LogiQ S7  is the most energy-efficient ultrasound. With every scan, you save energy, money and contribute to a better environment.  

The user sensitive design of GE LogiQ S7 helps increase exam speed, as well as improves comfort and productivity.  The intuitive tools of GE LogiQ S7 enable high utilization across multiple applications

  • An ultrasound for cramped space

GE LogiQ S7  will come to your rescue again. Its sleek design makes it a favourite in even in cramped spaces. 

  • Robust Ultrasound

GE Vivid* T8 Ultrasound Machine is a hybrid ultrasound. It combines the established cardiac imaging capabilities to get a reliable and robust cardiovascular ultrasound system.

GE Vivid* T8 Ultrasound Machine is a sturdy ultrasound, which has been tested in demanding environments. It has undergone 20 hours of intense vibration testing and shock testing with 1000 strikes at a force of 10Gs. 

The ultrasound has excellent dust protection and it delivers superb performance even when its both fans are clogged with large amounts of dust. 

The ultrasound is suited in places with frequent power cuts. Even after repeated normal power-on / off cycles, forced power-off cycles and transducer removals and insertions, there was no error in the result. 

  • Ultrasound with 2D/ 3D/ 4D features for gynaecological practice

GE Voluson P6 (Beginner’s Range)  is an entry-level affordable ultrasound with 3D / 4D function – Ultrasound machine for gynaecology. Since it is budget-friendly it lets clinicians experience the comfort of GE Voluson series at their clinic. GE Voluson series has ultrasounds specifically designed for obstetrics and gynaecology purpose. GE Voluson P6 integrates several of GE’s unique automation technologies. With this ultrasound, you have access to the diagnosis efficiency of key exam operations in fewer keystrokes. Which means with GE Voluson P6 busy practices can reproduce reports in less time.   

GE Voluson series Ultrasound machine for gynaecology, has an effortless workflow and superior image quality. It is simple to use. The sonographer needs to place the probe to get the necessary information and there is no need for time-consuming modifications. With Voluson series, you are certain to receive excellent clinical images across all types of patients quickly and easily, which makes it a suitable choice for secondary applications like general imaging, adult and paediatric cardiology and neonatal cardiology. 

  • High-end ultrasound for gynaecological/obstetric practice

The GE Ultrasound Voluson S8 is a high-end women’s health 4D ultrasound machine. This ultrasound has more features than Voluson S6, though you may find that they look identical and even use the same transducers. However, the images of Voluson S8 are far better than Voluson S6 because it uses half of the channels of the Voluson E8, which means with Voluson S8 you are going to get high-level image quality at a lower price and at a much smaller lighter form. 

Armed with this information, go ahead and make a choice. Visit PrimedeQ website to check out pre-owned or refurbished ultrasound machines. Not only you will save money, but we will also provide you with repairs and installation. 

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