Buy or Sell Used Dental Chair – Keep these in mind!

We frequently see used dental chairs coming up for sale. On the flip side many buyers approach us to buy second hand dental chairs in good condition, especially when they are expanding their facility. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell used dental chair; here are a few things to know. From our experience in dealing with used medical equipment sale, the following are important for a successful transaction.

Information a potential buyer of used dental chair is looking for

Most buyers of second hand dental chair in India ask us for:

  • Hydro-electric dental chair with
    • Upholstry
    • 5-LED light
    • Glass bowl
    • Programmable chair
    • Doctors Stool
    • Inbuilt Motorised suction
  • Accessories & other clinic equipment
    • RVG compatible X-Ray
    • 16-ltr autoclave
    • Inbuilt scaler
    • Inbuilt micromotor
    • 1 HP compressor
    • RVG sensor
    • UV cabinet
    • Handpieces – Straight, Contra, Airotor
    • Light cure unit
    • Ultrasonic cleaner
    • Water distiller
  • OPG machine – optionally

Popular brands are Confident Dental chairs – Mookambika, Meenakshi or Wave models.

Age and Price – The sweet-spot to buy or sell used dental chair

Most buyers are looking to buy used dental chair which is about 3-5 years old. This is the sweet spot where the price expectation of 30-35% (of original price) is likely to be met and there still is likely good residual life for the machine.

Current Condition of used dental chair on Sale

The most important thing to remember for the seller is that the machine should NOT be dismantled. It should be right where it was installed including proper plumbing, so that a proper working demo can be given to potential buyer.

There are far too many risks involved in dismantling and reinstalling a dental chair and that risk is on the buyer. No one trusts a dismantled dental chair would be working properly.

Repair and service history may be asked to assess potential failure in future.

Once you have shared all details of the used dental chair on sale to potential buyer, the next question you need to be ready with is the asking / selling price. Sellers are expected to quote their price. Most successful deals in our experience in India happen in the range of Rs 45000-60000/- range depending on age of the machine.

No matter how sparingly or almost unused the machine may be, it would not be wise to expect 70-80% of the original cost.

Read our blog on mistakes to avoid.

Physical inspection

The buyer or their representative may like to inspect the machine before deciding to buy. Selling used medical equipment for a good price need not be difficult. Check out our tips to make it easy for you!

1.      Tip 1 – Share attractive pictures and working videos of the dental chair and other items

2.      Tip 2 – Ensure machine is clean, electricity and water supply availability for a successful demo.

3.      Tip 3 – Do solid homework on target price and walk-away price and take quick decisions

If you are not sure what is the fair market price for your equipment, contact us at +917019759765.


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