Guide to sell used ultrasound machine at a good price

sell used ultrasound machine for a good price

If you are looking to sell used ultrasound machine and need guidance to get the best possible deal, you have come to the right place. Whether you are upgrading and wish to sell the existing medical equipment still in good working condition or closing down a unit – selling directly to another hospital / doctor could get a better price. Whatever the situation may be, it is important to have all possible information about the machine readily available.

When someone wants to buy a second hand ultrasound machine, these are the most common information a potential buyer will want to know  – details of the system, its accessories, usage, condition of important parts like the probes or transducers, software version, how well it has been maintained, licenses etc.

Screening Information to establish a match

The first set of information a potential buyer will be looking for is just to check if the machine matches their requirement. Gather all the basic information about your ultrasound machine and keep it ready in easy-to-share form. The basic information is usually related to model of the machine and capabilities to perform required investigations. Each sonologist/ radiologist has their own preferences about the make/model of the machine based on what they have used in the past. Additionally, it is important to have the required applications installed so as to be able to perform the required tests. The most basic information required to sell used ultrasound machine are:

  • Make
  • Model
  • System date/ year of manufacture
  • Number & types of probes/ transducers available
  • Software version
  • Applications installed – Sometimes the user may not fully understand the applications and they may ask for which specialty was the machine used, what types of tests were done.
  • Printer
  • Machine status – It would be an advantage to mention if it is a ‘demo’ machine being sold. A demo machine is a machine used only for demonstration purposes by the sellers and considered ‘sparingly’ used. It is important to mention if the machine has been refurbished. A ‘refurbished’ machine is not same as ‘used’ machine.

Read more to understand the difference between ‘Refurbished’ and ‘Used’:

Advanced Information to sell used ultrasound machine

It is important to think from the buyer perspective here. Once there is a match in the basic make/model, configuration and age of the system, the buyer may want to know the actual condition of the machine and more information related to usage, current condition etc., such as:

  • Upgrades done if any
  • PNDT license
  • Does the machine have a valid Warranty/ AMC/ CMC? If yes, is it with the OEM/ or a third-party service provider?
  • A recent report validating proper working condition of the machine and all its parts.
  • Condition of the probes and connectors
  • Last but not the least – The asking price!

A picture is worth a thousand words

A seller should be well prepared with photos/ videos of the system and its main components like probes. Close-up of each probe should also be separately captured. It’s also important to capture close-up photos of the tags/labels on the machine and major components, including and software details.

The buyer may also ask for imaging video recording to satisfy themselves of the image quality. Video images with each probe helps to show that not only the machine image quality is good but also all probes are working well.

Current working condition and service history

The potential buyer may also ask for service history and usage details to assess potential life and possibility of failures. This includes things like:

  • Installation dates for major parts replacements, if any done (Such as boards, probes, display monitor etc.)
  • Preventative maintenance dates
  • Reports on significant events if any e.g. flooding, damages due to power surges, software upgrades done, etc. probe damages and repairs.
  • Usage data like number of cases done etc.

Once you have shared all details of the used ultrasound on sale to potential buyer, the next question you need to be ready with is the asking / selling price. Sellers are expected to quote their price. 

Physical inspection of the used ultrasound machine

Typically a buyer or their representative would visit in person and inspect the working of the machine and meet the seller to finalise the deal.

Selling used medical equipment for a good price can be quite a challenge. Here are a few tips to make it easy for you!

1.      Tip 1 – Make efforts to share attractive pictures of the machine

2.      Tip 2 – Try not to sell an equipment needing repair, unless you are ready to sell as scrap.

3.      Tip 3 – Have reasonable price expectations

4.      Tip 4 – Avoid long delays in decision making

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