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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) or SonoEndoscope Repair


Sonoendoscopes or Endoscopic Ultrasounds are expensive and relatively fragile. These equipment need good care and proper handling is important. The fiber-optic cables are fragile and easily damaged. Most common damages or defects in endoscopic ultrasound machines are blockages, leakages, angulation, image quality issues etc. Endoscopic ultrasound repair services are available in India – Air or […]

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Common problems in Ultrasound machines and how to prevent them

Proper usage and regular preventive maintenance of USG can prolong its life. In a study done on causes of Ultrasound machine failures in 2018, the main cause was found to be software corruption (31%) followed by ultrasound transducer issues (29%). At a broad level all the common problems in ultrasound machines, failures and frequency can […]

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3 reasons why buying refurbished ultrasound machine is good idea

Refurbished ultrasound machine

Why would anyone buy a refurbished ultrasound machine or for that matter any second-hand medical equipment? Why else… because of budget constraints of course.  Is that right? Not always.  It is true – most of us work with limited budgets. Not everyone has the luxury of spending money as they please without concerns about Return […]

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Most common probe damages/defects that can be repaired if detected in time

PrimedeQ offers all types of ultrasound probe repair services. Contact us on +917019759765 or +918971223957 for any probe/ transducer related services. Click here to buy or sell used or refurbished Ultrasound machine or Ultrasound probe/ transducer ——————————————————————————————————————————- Ultrasound is the most famous method of imaging which can be done without radiations. Ultrasound are safe to […]

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