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Top 4 faults in ECG machine and repair issues

ECG machine repair issues

ECG (Electrocardiograph) machines are commonly used in clinics and hospitals to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart. The ECG thus recorded may be displayed on an in-built monitor and/or printed out on paper for use by a physician. However this simple machine may sometimes give trouble and not work properly. What are […]

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What are the features to compare ECG machine?

used hospital equipment BPL Cardiart 9108 12-channel ECG machine

Looking to buy and ECG machine? The first question that gets popped is 3-channel or 12-channel or anything in between. Number of channels is not the only feature on which to compare ECG machine. Read on and find out what features to look for when buying an ECG machine. Brief Introduction to Electrocardiography or ECG […]

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