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Used Medical Equipment Market Value Calculator – First in India!

medical equipment market price calculator

If you ever tried to sell or purchase a used car in India, then you probably tried to find its market value using a calculator. There are many used car platforms offering a calculator such as CarWale, Cars24, Orange Book Value or Spinny etc. Have you tried to find market value of used medical equipment? […]

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Pricing Used Medical Equipment for Sale or Auction

used medical equipment price

What is the right price for used medical equipment? Buyers looking for second-hand medical equipment don’t know how much to pay and sellers often wonder how much to quote. Here is a quick ready-reckoner for key points for used medical equipment pricing. From our past experiences, the following are the key factors that go into […]

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Used Medical Equipment Valuation – How much should you pay?

Are you planning to buy an existing Diagnostic Centre or a small Hospital? Wondering how much to pay for the used medical equipment and related assets that you want to buy? Mostly one should consider paying the Fair Market Value. How do you arrive at the Fair Market Value for used medical equipment? What are […]

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