What do you need to know while buying an ultrasound machine

 a pregnant woman checking her ultrasound


An ultrasound is being increasingly integrated into the clinical practice in addition to clinical history and physical examination. Research studies confirm that within the practice greatly improves your patient’s survival rates, especially in the situation of an emergency.  Also, it significantly improves your clinical confidence.

Therefore, buying an ultrasound for your practice is the sensible move. However, this decision is not easy. There are so many factors to consider, other than cost. Following are the topmost questions which you have to answer before you choose the right ultrasound for your practice. 

  1. What is your clinical specialization?
  2. Will you be needing an ultrasound only for obstetrics and gynaecological requirements or other specialisations are also treated in your practice? 
  3. If your answer is latter, you would be needing a shared-service ultrasound. Logiq series provides shared-service ultrasounds, the Voluson’s 4D technology are excellent and the Vivid series has covered cardiovascular area. 
  4. Along with ultrasound, you have to decide on the probes. Without an appropriate probe, you will not get clear images from your ultrasound. Portability is an equally important factor to reckon with. Do you need an ultrasound at the point of care?
  5. The other important factors though not so critical ones like a battery back up and space influence your purchase decision as well. 


  • On a budget but want all


For a clinical practise installing an ultrasound for the first time can be a daunting choice. GE Logiq P5 is an excellent decision for those who have a budget to follow but want all.  As the name suggests, GE Logiq P5 is a logical solution and it stands true on all of the above-mentioned parameters except it doesn’t work exclusively for obstetrics speciality. This ultrasound is good for shared service practices because it can provide support from cardiac to paediatric, from 4 D obstetrics to Surgical and has 29 compatible transducers which could be used as per the need. 

However, if you have the liberty to spend some more go for GE Logiq P6 ultrasound.

GE Logiq P6 Ultrasound delivers high-resolution detailed images with which you can have clinical confidence. The sharp 2D / 3D quality of the images can help you easily distinguish between cystic and solid lesions, particularly in small areas such as thyroid, breast.  

The increased detail of the images is extremely useful in diagnosing challenging pathologies. So, if you are scanning minute vessels of kidneys or blood vessels that have multiple velocities GE Logiq P6 gives you highly-detailed images. 

Then, this ultrasound fits in tight budgets and space both. And, it is a multitasker. You can use GE Logiq P6 ultrasound from NICU to geriatrics. 

With ultrasound the rule is simple: a clear image leads to the right diagnosis. GE LogiqP6 has an enhanced beamformer for deeper penetration when you scan. The real-time 4D Imaging helps you acquire and construct volumetric images of the body parts you are scanning. With Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) you have heightened visibility of body parts and the lesions in it during your scan because it gives contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

Armed with these features, GE Logiq P6 helps you confidently diagnose the disease because it captures images with clarity. GE LogiqP6 is portable and has a small footprint. 

Other premium models available in the market in a decent budget are LogiQ S 8 and LogiQ E 9 scanners with 4D imaging capabilities.

Portable ultrasound for a shared service


If you are looking for an ultrasound which is portable and can be used for shared service, the most well-known and portable ultrasound in the world is GE Logiq-e. Shaped like a laptop this ultrasound empowers clinicians to expand from routine to advanced ultrasound imaging. The latest entrant in this series is GE Logiq e which is designed for abdominal, cardiac, gynaecology, musculoskeletal, pediatric, neonatal, urology and vascular ultrasound imaging. 

GE Logiq e ultrasound works well for startup practices and has the flexibility to scale up. The buttons and knobs on GE Logiq E  are clearly labelled and ergonomically placed to match your natural workflow. It has a large screen for an easier and more accurate diagnosis. 

GE Logiq e comes with the patented imaging technologies of GE such as beamformer and ultra-high frequency L8-18i-RS transducer. Which means you can detect subtle changes in anatomy. Power Doppler Imaging helps detect slow blood flow in both small and large vessels. 

 B-Steer + Needle Recognition delivers accurate detail—needle, anatomy and motion—even in Color and Power Doppler.

GE Logiq V2 Ultrasound machine is a portable ultrasound for point of care. It enables physicians to see clearly, quickly and has all the features you would ask for in an ultrasound.

The versatile GE Logiq V2 ultrasound is a must-have ultrasound for primary care setup. It delivers console performance in a portable format that’s simple, fast and precise.

  1. GE Logiq V2 ultrasound is simple to use, as it gives you access to real-time guidance. It has a large LCD display and it can fit in small spaces. 
  2. GE Logiq V2 ultrasound helps you get fast, accurate information with fewer keystrokes.
  3. GE Logiq V2 ultrasound gives you a real-time representation of long anatomical structures that might not be seen in a single image. 
  4. GE Logiq V2 has Real-Time Speckle Reduction Imaging, which reduces noise while enhancing true tissue detail with Real Time

GE also offer a point of care ultrasound scanner which is compact and lightweight.. There are compact pocket-size sonography machines which can be carried in an ambulance or trauma site with excellent image quality helping in immediate decision making.  GE venus 50 and Vscan are such sonography machines.

Armed with this information go ahead and make your choice. Do visit PrimedeQ to have a look at sparingly used ultrasounds which are high on quality and low on budget. We provide service and installation to make the whole experience hassle-free for you. 


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