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Difference between High Flow Oxygen therapy and Ventilator

Image Credit: “My neighbour has been detected Covid-positive and admitted to nearby hospital”, reported a WhatsApp group member a few days back. Another member enquired if she was on ventilator? The first member replied she was actually on ‘Oxygen Therapy’. A third member chimed in, saying, “Oh! that is not too bad. My Mother […]

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Oxygen therapy in Covid-19 patients may save their life

The year 2020 will go down in history as Covid-19 year, which brought the whole world to an abrupt halt. Across the globe, people were locked down in their homes to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.    Incidentally, Coronavirus has been around and it has been infecting us with the common cold. In most […]

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How do Fingertip Pulse-Oximeters Measure Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate

Fingertip Pulse-oximeter

Fingertip pulse-oximeters are in huge demand among people today due to the COVID-19 scare. It is well known now that oxygen saturation levels could drastically fall very rapidly, without one realizing it. This could lead to acute respiratory distress. By the time it may be too late. Hence, every flu-like symptom seems to trigger panic […]

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Are we going to see a glut of ventilators post COVID-19?

Since the lockdown was announced on Mar 25, 2020, while all other types of business enquiries started fading-out, two things started happening at PrimedeQ: Up until 1st week of April, enquiries were pouring in, every single day, for ventilators. “We will pick any quantities, whatever numbers you have”, they said. This is now dying out. […]

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Ventilators: Why They are Essential in the Fight Against Corona Virus

Many countries are still in the early stages of the new corona virus outbreak. Others are gearing up and bracing for impact, learning from the experiences of badly-hit places. In outbreak epicenters such like Italy; local hospitals continue to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of seriously ill patients. And the survival of those patients […]

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How to Compare and choose the best ventilator for you

WHAT IS A VENTILATOR? Mechanical ventilation is a life support treatment. A mechanical ventilator is a machine that helps people breathe when they are not able to breathe enough on their own. The mechanical ventilator is also called a ventilator, respirator, or breathing machine. Most patients who need support from a ventilator because of severe […]

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Top 12 used or refurbished medical equipment in demand, in India

Used, second-hand, pre-owned or refurbished medical equipment

Used equipment may be addressed by several names such as second-hand, pre-owned, refurbished, reconditioned etc. Used medical equipment market in India is said to be 30% of sales in private sector. More and more hospitals are coming up in tier-II & III towns and most of these hospitals serve patients looking for affordable treatment and […]

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How to take care of critically ill patients at home?

Treating critically ill patient at home ICU […]

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Factors influencing selection of Pulse-oximeter & SpO2 Probes

  Pulse-oximetry has become almost mandatory in ICUs, recovery rooms, OTs and even patient rooms today. But which is the best pulse-oximeter? Whether it is standalone ones like Masimo or Nellcor or integrated ones, there is tremendous research and debate. Often the ongoing debate is on whether finger transmission is better or forehead reflectance is […]

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Medical Equipment needed to set up NICU / Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

medical equipment rent

Setting up an Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? NICU equipment typically include radiant warmer, phototherapy machine, incubator, bubble CPAP, neonatal ventilator, infusion and syringe pumps, oxygen hoods and transport ventilator and transport incubator if necessary. If you are looking for help in planning and budgeting for a comprehensive NICU set-up look no further… Download a list […]

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