Medical Equipment needed to set up NICU / Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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Setting up an Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? NICU equipment typically include radiant warmer, phototherapy machine, incubator, bubble CPAP, neonatal ventilator, infusion and syringe pumps, oxygen hoods and transport ventilator and transport incubator if necessary.

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NICU Equipment infant warmer1. Radiant warmer

Newborn needs a warm atmosphere in the initial moments of his/her life, therefore radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. Radiant warmer is the most basic NICU equipment and is used to maintain the body temperature of newborn and limit the metabolism rate. Some new born babies have tendency of rapid heat loss, hence warmers are used as an artificial support engine to maintain their body temperature.

A radiant warmer has a mounted overhead heating system which provides heat and an open tray where babies are kept. A temperature measuring knob is attached to babies which helps in monitoring their skin temperature and a small LCD panel displays the variation in skin temperature continuously.

Brands available are GE Panda Warmer, GE Giraffe Warmer, Fanem , Fisher & Paykel, Galtron ,Hospitech,  Mathurams, Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal and IBIS.


2. Incubator

Incubators are used to provide sufficient warmth to the body of newborn infants to maintain a desired temperature. Premature babies have very less fat around them and they tend to lose heat rapidly. The incubator plays an important role in maintaining an environment of desired temperature and helps in minimizes the heat loss. Once the heat loss is reduced, the nutrition given to premature babies will be utilized in organ development and weight gain.

Incubator is a box type closed structure with a baby tray. Heating system is below the baby tray and it’s heat is used to warm the air mixture which is then circulated in the closed environment around the baby. The temperature of baby as well as air is indicated on panels.  The temperature control can be automatic as well as manual based on the incubators. Incubators have alarms to derive attention for temperature change. Incubators are available with single and double wall. The selection depends on the environment temperature in which it is to be used.

Brands available are GE Giraffe Incubator Carestation, GE Giraffe OmniBed Carestation, Fanem ,Fisher & Paykel, Galtron ,Hospitech, Mathurams Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal and IBIS.


NICU equipment phototherapy machine3. Phototherapy

Phototherapy (Bililights) has been effectively used as a relatively inexpensive and noninvasive method of treating neonatal hyperbilirubinemia / jaundice.

Phototherapy involves exposure of the skin of the jaundiced baby to blue or cool white light of wavelength 400- 520nm. Light is effective in the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia mainly because of its blue content.

Halogen lights should not be placed close to the baby as they deliver considerable heat. Light emitting diode (LED) lights emit little heat and, like fluorescent lights, can be brought close (up to 10cm) to the baby.

Phototherapy machine is again one of the most basic NICU equipment and is even taken on rent to treat neonatal jaundice at home.

Brands available are GE BiliSoft Phototherapy System, GE Giraffe Blue Spot PT, GE Lullaby LED Phototherapy System, GE BiliBlanket Light Meter II, Fanem, Fisher & Paykel, Galtron ,Hospitech,  Mathurams Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal, IBIS and Others.

5 things to know about phototherapy for treating newborn jaundice


4. Bubble CPAP

Bubble CPAP is noninvasive ventilation technique for new born and infants who are under respiratory distress syndrome. A continuous positive airway pressure is delivered to spontaneously breathing new born to maintain lung volumes during expiration. Bubble CPAP helps baby to breathe, it does not breath for baby.

Continuous positive airway pressure (C-PAP) delivers air to a baby’s lungs either through small tubes in the baby’s nose or through a tube inserted into her windpipe. The tubes are attached to a ventilator (respirator).

Brands available are Fanem, Fisher & Paykel, Galtron , Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal, Medilon, IBIS and Others.


5. Baby Puff / Infant Ventilator

Baby puff is an infant ventilator which can help, or take over completely the breathing of an infant. A soft plastic tube (an endotracheal tube) is passed through the infant’s mouth and into the trachea or windpipe.

Brands available for this NICU equipment are GE, Fanem, Fisher & Paykel, Galtron , Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal, Medilon, IBIS and Others.


6. Cardiopulmonary monitor / Patient Monitor

Cardiopulmonary monitor tracks baby’s heart and breathing rates. It is attached to baby with small adhesive monitoring pads placed on her chest. The monitor displays information on the screen, which can be printed on paper. An alarm will sound if your baby’s heart or breathing rate becomes too fast or too slow.

Brands available are GE Carescape B450, B650, V100, B40, B20, Fanem, Fisher & Paykel, Galtron ,Hospitech,  Mathurams Neokraft, Neumovent,  Nice Neotech, Perfect Technology, Phoenix,  Pragathi,  Zeal , IBIS and Others.


7. Oxygen hood

This is a clear plastic box that fits over the baby’s head and supplies her with oxygen. This is used for babies who can breathe on their own but still need some extra oxygen.

Brands available are  Ginevri, Fanem, Plasti-med, S.S Technomed, Nice Neotech and others.


8. Pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a small U-shaped device that’s wrapped around baby’s foot or hand and secured with a stretchy bandage. It uses a light sensor to measure the level of oxygen in blood. It helps doctors and nurses determine whether baby needs more or less oxygen, while reducing the need for painful blood tests.

Brands available are Contec, Sunshine, Niscomed, Newnik, Bionet, BPL Cleo, Cleoplus, Smart Oxy, SmartOxylite, BPL iOxy, Charmcare, Technocare and others.


9. Infusion pump

Infusion pump is a medical device used to administer fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient’s body in controlled amounts.

Brands available are Smith Medical, BPL Accua V, B Braun, Sunshine, Contec, Promed, Mindray, Stryker, Trivitron, Nipro, Biocare and others.


10. Syringe pump

Syringe pump is a small infusion pump used to gradually deliver small amount of fluid with or without medication to a patient.

Brands available are Smith Medical, BPL Acura S, B Braun, Sunshine, Contec, Micrel Medical device, Promed, Mindray, Stryker, Trivitron, Nipro, Biocare, Fresenius Kabi, DRE and others.


11. Transport Ventilator

Not all hospital have a transport ventilator. However for those maternity hospital who want to stabilise an infant and transfer the safely to another hospital well-equipped with NICU equipment and trained staff, this is a must-have equipment. Ventilator a machine designed to move breathable air into and out of the lungs, to provide breathing for a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently.

Transport ventilators are designed to take the place of manual ventilation during emergency or transport situations. In addition, they are used by people who rely on ventilators to breathe and want to enjoy mobility in their communities and while traveling.

Transport ventilators are designed with mobility. They have an independent power source so they are not tethered to a wall outlet, and they are more compact than standard ventilators. This keeps the ventilator functional even under less than optimal conditions.

Brands available are Drager TI500 Globe Trotter IC, Smith medical Babypac and Pneupac, Fisher & Paykel Neopuff, Fanem Baby Puff, Ginevri Baby start.


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