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medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimens in order to obtain information about the health of a patient as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

PrimedeQ has wide range of Laboratory Equipment ABG Machine Acid & Corrosive Storage Air Cleaner Alcohol Analyzer Amino Acid Analyzer Anaerobic Chamber Anaerobic Incubator Analytical Scale Atomic Absorption Automated Blot Analysis Automated Coagulation Analyzer Automatic Titrator Autosampler Bench Power Supply Beta/Gamma Counter Bilirubinometer Bio Impedance Measurement Biochemistry Analyser Biological Agents Detection Systems Blood Analysis System Blood Bank Refrigerator Blood Centrifuge Blood Gas Analyzer Blood Grouping System Blood Mixer/Rocker Blood POC Analyzer Camera System for Microscopy Imaging Capillary Electrophoresis System Cell Washing Centrifuge Centrifugal Laboratory Analyzer Centrifuge Chart Recorder Cholesterol Tester Clinical Chemistry Analyzers Clinical Laboratory Light Source Clot Time Machine Coagulator Colony Counter Confocal Microscope Counter/Electronic Test Equipment Cryogenic Storage System Cryostat Cytological Centrifuge Cytometer Densitometer Laboratory Scanning Digital Camera Adaptor Digital Microscope Digital Voltmeter (DVM) Dry Bath Incubator Dry Heat Sterilizer Electrolyte Analyser Electron Microscope Electrophoresis System ELISA Analyzer Environmental Test Equipment ESR Analyzer ESR Measurement Device Fermentor Fluorometer Freeze Dryer Gas Liquid Chromatograph Gene Workstation Genetic Analysis System Glucose Monitor Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HbA1c Analyser Hematocrit Centrifuge Hematology Analyzer/Cell Counter HPLC HPLC Subsystems Immunoassay Analyzer Incubator Laboratory Dispenser Laboratory Glucose Analyzer Laboratory Hood Laboratory Incubator Laboratory Oven Laboratory Pump Laboratory Quality Assurance Equipment Laboratory Safety Cabinet Laboratory Scale Laboratory Shaker Laboratory View-box Laboratory Washer Laboratory X- ray Laser Microdissector Light Source Liquids Conductivity Meter Luminometers for Reaction Recognition and Measurement Magnetic Cell Separator Mass Spectrometer Medical Air Compressor/Dehydrator Microbiological Culture Analyzer Micromanipulator Microplate Filler Microplate Handler Microplate Reader Microplate Sealer Microplate Washer Microscope Microscopy Sample Preparation System Microtome Microtome Knife Sharpener Mobile Medical Laboratory Modular Liquid Handler Nephelometer Nitrogen Generator NMR Spectroscopy Optical Molecular Imager Osmometer Oximeter Particle Counter PCR pH Meter Pipettes Plasma Freezer Platelet Aggregation Analyzer POC Coagulation Analyzer Polarimeter for Near IR Polarograph Protein Analyzer Protein Synthesizer Radiation Counter Refractometer Roller Production Apparatus Rotary Microtome Machine Scanning Electron Microscope Semen Analyzer Slide Stainers Spectrophotometer Sperm Quality Analyzer Steam Sterilizer Sterilization Box Stirrer Sweat Tester Temperature Controller Thermostatic Bath/Shaker Thermostatic Water Cooler Tissue Homogenizer Tissue Processor Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Ultracentrifuge Ultramiller Ultrasonic Cleaning System Urine Analyzer UV Crosslinker Vacuum Concentrator Centrifugal System Vacuum Pump Viscometer Water Purification System.

Brands available with PrimedeQ are Alere Apollo Avilab Beckman Coulter Biomerieux Biosystems Boditech Diamond Diasys Edison Elitech High Technology Horiba Hycel Infopia J S Medicina Kindle Lab Life Lab Line Lab-Tech Labomed MES Merlin Medical Mindray Olympus Radiometer Rapid Diagnostics Rayto Remi Robonik Roche Siemens Sysmex Thermo Fisher Scientific Transasia UBM Vector.

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