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Spare parts and Servicing of emergency care medical equipment

Buy spare parts and accessories for emergency equipment online PrimedeQ including ambu bag, spo2 probe, defibrillator batteries, resuscitator, aspirators, castor wheels, medical batteries, oxygen sensors and much more. If you can’t find any item you want listed, please call us on 8971223957 or 7019759765 or message on chat.

PrimedeQ also offers servicing of all home use medical equipment

Oxygen concentrator/Portable Oxygen Concentrator

It is a device that helps patients with low-level of oxygen in blood. Wide variety of oxygen concentrators are available with different features as one which is powered by plugging it into electrical outlets and other one is battery powered portable oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrator can be easily carried anywhere, wherever a person travels, it can also be taken to an airplanes. The compressor in the oxygen concentrator compresses air which gets filtered into the concentrator and then delivers the air in a continuous stream.

If you have a COPD patient at home you must be keeping an Oxygen concentrator. If the requirement is for a short period of time such as 6 months, it is prudent to go for rent or used oxygen concentrator rather than buy a new one. An average patient uses Oxygen concentrator for about 30 months while the normal life of an oxygen concentrator is 5-7 years. Why buy new when you can save more than 50% money by going for used. All that needs to be done is get fresh accessories such as nasal cannula and humidifier bottle.  

Other medical equipment that are useful to have at home for ongoing vitals monitoring are:

Thermometer – To measure temperature

Nebulizer – for patients with congestion

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter - Finger Pulse Oximeter is placed on a fingertip of patients to read oxygen saturation level.

Height & weight Scales  

Blood Pressure Monitors or Sphygmomanometer

Glucometer - used to determine the concentration of glucose in the blood. Useful for diabetes patients.

Portable Suction Machine/Suction apparatus - It is a medical device which helps in removing fluids or mucus from a patient. It is also used by people having cough problem and unable to clear secretions from the throat or who is suffering from breathing problems.

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