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Buy and Sell used hospital furniture and medical equipment from hospitals which are closing down.

Give us 3-4 months notice and gain by buying used hospital furniture at almost 20-30% of original cost but with a life of almost 10+ years.

Find full Set of equipment and furniture for hospital  such as OT Table, X-Ray viewers, OT pendant, Carm - Siemens MM 5E, Anesthesia machine, Oxygen Concentrators, Skanray mobile X-Ray, USG, Schiller ventilator, BiPAP, Infusion pumps, Syringe pumps, patient cots, multi-para monitor, phototherapy unit, radiant warmer, incubator, centrifuge, dialysis machines, autoclave, scrub sink, hospital furniture, bunker beds, dental chair purchase, examination couch, patient beds, attendant couch, medicine, instrument and all other tyoes of trolleys etc. which many other happy customers of ours have purchased through us.