Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator


  • Condition
    • Used
  • Brand
    • Drager
  • Model
    • Evita 2 dura
  • Year Of Manufacture
    • Not Available
  • Country of Manufacture
    • NA
  • Description
    • Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator

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  • Length(cm)
    • 17.7
  • Width(cm)
    • 20.9
  • Height(cm)
    • 290
  • Spares Availability
    • Yes
  • After Sale Service
    • Yes
  • Other Specifications
    • -Spontaneous breathing strategy. Spontaneous breathing reduces the risk of atelectasis and improves the ventilation/perfusion ratio by maintaining a higher functional residual capacity. -The right mode for every patient. The wide range of patients covered also reduces the amount of staff training required and ensures greater flexibility in the use of resources. -Two-in-one ventilation. Mask ventilation can assist the weaning process by reducing the reintubation rate or even preventing intubation in the first place. -Everything in view. The high-resolution full-color screen displays comprehensive information on a patient’s status, always showing two ventilation curves and six monitored values, and the screen configuration can be customized to show the most important values for a particular ICU. -One knob, simplified settings. The rotary knob plays a key role. The active setting parameters are visible at a glance and changes can be made by the well-established “select-adjust confirm” principle. -Ventilation at a glance. The principle of only showing the necessary parameters reduces the complexity of everyday monitoring. -Simpler and speedier standard procedures. Contains numerous functions to speed up and simplify routine procedures. Start-up settings can be configured to specific ICU practices.
No any advance specification available
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