Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice


  • Condition
    • Used
  • Brand
    • GE
  • Model
    • Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice
  • Year Of Manufacture
    • 2007
  • Description
    • Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice

      Buy or Sell Used Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice Repair Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice from GE and other popular brands. Check out other equipment from Diagnostic Radiology / Imaging

  • Delivery Duration
    • 1-2 months
  • After Sale Service
    • NA
  • Other Specifications
    • GE Brightspeed Edge 8 Slice CT Scanner Tube Type: Performs Current Tube Replaced: Sep 2012 Current Tube mAs: 38 Million mAs Options: HelicalTIlt, Smart Prep, Power440, AutomA, 3000 Image Series, Smart Speed, Patient-8-Slice, Direct-3D, 90KVA, Thin
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